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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Idiots on Cell Phones...

Before I begin this rant, I will fully admit that I not only have a cell phone, I never leave home without it. It keeps me in contact with my friends and family no matter where I am (very handy when husband is deployed). Most importantly, I keep it with me in case of an emergency - and it has come in handy during two different emergencies.

The first was three winters ago. It was an extremely cold day and I had the heat in the car on as high as it would go. Son and I dropped off daughter at school, then got on the interstate to head up to the commissary. Half way there, all of a sudden, the passenger window imploded on us. As I mentioned, it was an extremely cold day. I was able to call husband to come trade cars and take mine in to get fixed by the dealer.

The second incident was this past summer. We were heading to a larger town about 35 minutes from us to go shopping. We took the back way to the interstate and ran up on a pickup truck loaded with bales of hay that was on fire. We figure one of the teens were probably smoking, flicked it out the window and it caught the hay in the back on fire. While husband ran up to make sure everyone was out of the truck and ok, I called 911. The fire was so large, it bubbled the pavement. How the truck didn't explode is beyond me.

So, in my opinion, cell phones can be a godsend. However, in the wrong hands, they can be a freaking nightmare. For instance, in a hospital's waiting room as was the case this past Thursday.

Now, I frequent my primary care clinic once a month, so unfortunately, I'm at our military hospital quite often anyway. However, with my new doc, he wants me to make the specialists rounds again to see if there is a chance surgery could be an option for me. So, I'm currently at the hospital even more than usual. Thursday I had an appointment with a GYN.

I arrive 15 minutes prior as requested. I check in and take a seat in the waiting room. There's a lady to my left on a cell phone. No big deal really. She's speaking softly. There are two women sitting across from cell phone lady who are making small talk and also speaking softly.

My name is called and I go back to have my blood pressure and weight taken. When that is done, the nurse asks me to have a seat back in the waiting room and as soon as the doc is ready, she'll call me. No biggie. After walking from the parking lot, then going to the wrong floor and finding my way to the OB/GYN clinic, I'm hurting pretty bad and sitting is just what I need.

I sit back down in the waiting room. Only now, cell phone lady thinks the rest of us are interested in her conversation. She's talking loud enough to wake the dead - not to mention grinding on my last damn nerve. Admittedly, when I'm hurting more than the norm from walking so far, my personality goes straight into bitch no matter how hard I try not to allow it.

Usually, I'm able to keep my bitchiness to myself. Thursday though, the clock in that waiting room starts moving slower and s l o w e r and with each second that ticks by, cell phone lady gets louder and louder and louder. The two ladies sitting across from her and to my right also seem to be annoyed at having to listen to the dramatics.

After what seemed to be an eternity of no escaping the torture of listening to her, cell phone lady increases the volume even more and says, "Weeeeeelllll, I told HIM, he better let me see my kids or I was going to have his wife arrested for assault and battery on my girls!!"

That was it. I'd had enough. Bitchiness exploded and before I could stop myself, I stood, looked at the two ladies who were also suffering and said, "I have to move. It's like sitting next to the fucking Jerry Springer Show. Damn!"

I moved to the other set of chairs at the very back of the clinic and although I can still hear the dumb ass, I'm no longer close enough to feel like her audience. One of the other ladies also moved and sat near me. We had a quiet conversation all the while, cell phone lady kept yakking on and on as if she were on a bull-horn instead of a cell phone.

What is wrong with people? What ever happened to manners and caring about the feelings of those around you?

One, cell phones shouldn't be used in a hospital. THERE ARE SIGNS everywhere stating, "please, no cell phones." If you cannot read, the picture of the cell phone in a circle with a slash over it should help.

Two, it's rude to expose complete strangers to your dysfunctional trailer park-esque personal problems. If we were even remotely interested in you OR your dirty laundry (both your current attire and your conversation), we'd strike up a conversation with you. The fact that people get up and MOVE AWAY from you should be a good indicator that you are as annoying as fingernails on a chalkboard.

Good grief.

Have an ounce of consideration for those around you by hanging up your phone and sparing us. Your conversation is not interesting. We do NOT think you OR your conversation is cute. However, we are quite positive you're a complete and total idiot.

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  • cell phones; another example of the dumbing of America...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8/22/2006 1:42 AM  

  • ohhh, interesting history. But let me tell you that you are not the unique person that you can not leave without cell phone, that is really necessary.

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  • wow

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/04/2010 10:19 AM  

  • Well, don't look at me - I never owned a cell phone because, well, I Don't Need One! I'm not a part of the crowd, I don't need it to feel important, I like to talk to people In Person or at least on a proper Wired phone with Good Audio and no fear of dying batteries. I also like to have Freedom and No Interruptions in my life, and when I walk or travel around I like to Look Around and see what's happening in front of me.

    LJB, Captain

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7/26/2013 6:42 PM  

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