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Thursday, November 10, 2005

No WMDs? Nah, just NO REPORTING...

I am so tired of the "Bush Lied" agenda. I'm tired of hearing there were NO WMDs found in Iraq. If you search hard, you can find reports of WMDs being found in Iraq. The problem seems to be that there is just no reporting of the WMDs that have been found. The MSM cannot report it because it would interfere with their political agenda and hatred of all things Bush.

I've read several articles linked from Boortz's website concerning WMDs that have been found. The most recent, Saddam's 500-ton Uranium Stockpile. Yes, you read that correctly...500 ton.

So, you're tired of the "Bush Lied" agenda and no WMDS found rantings, but just don't have the time to search the internet for more information? Well, thankfully, we have Banter in Atlanter out there doing the research the rest of America needs to hear.

In his entry Copy and Paste, he explains:
Upon completing my response to the commenter's post I realized that the bottom of the so-called comment included the name Kevin Drum. A little Google action and I find that Kevin is a fellow blogger for Washington Monthly. So anyway it turns out that the commenter copied and pasted some of Kevin's work rather than using his own original thoughts, not a very rare occurrence these days but intellectually flaccid nonetheless.

The commenter posted in an entry titled Reality Check, The Facts About Pre-War Intelligence. Reading Banter in Atlanter's response will provide you with numerous links concerning WMDS found in Iraq, from gallons of chemical weapons agent to radioactive materials in powdered form.

I just cannot help but wonder, when a reporter is interviewing a "Bush Lied" parrot, why do they not confront them with these facts and ask how they can continue the "NO WMDs found" myth? I know, I've answered my own question at the start of this entry...

No matter what the topic, it seems that facts are always a problem for the liberals. It saddens me that the Bush Administration and our republican politicians aren't doing a better job of standing up for the truth and getting the facts out on the airways.

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  • I've actually emailed the president, my republican representative (Boozman) and even went so far as to send one of those Western Union things to my rep. So far, no reply.

    Apparently, no one in power in the GOP has the brains to get online, get this info and get the facts out. I mean, for crying out loud, the president doesn't have to use the media! He can just give another address and call attention to the massive amount of information that is available!!!

    I am beginning to think that there isn't one conservative in DC or elsewhere that knows anything more than how to turn their computer on!!!

    Am I wrong????!!!!




    By Blogger Lyric Mezzo, at 11/11/2005 9:32 AM  

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