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Monday, October 17, 2005

Sorry for the absence...

The school year has officially started now that daughter has brought home a nasty cold/flu bug and dutifully gave it to the rest of us lol. We were all starting to feel a lot better last week. Starting yesterday though, husband was back to coughing, being congested and feeling like crap. I woke up this morning following suit. I had some running around to do today and just couldn't get going. So tomorrow, regardless of how I feel, I'll have to go get it all done.

Other than all of us trying to get healthy, nothing much else has been going on around here. Husband is still working long hours. If it isn't due to getting things ready for the deployment, it is a handful of useless soldiers doing anything they can think of to try and get out of deploying. Poor guy has really had his plate full the past month or so.

Here soon a new commander is taking over, so I am really hoping it will make husband's job a bit easier. The good thing for me is the fact that the new commander is married to a really nice and caring lady. Why is this good for me? It means I no longer have to be the FRG Leader lol!! WoooHOO! Much cause for celebration :). Of course I'll still help do anything she needs me to do, but she'll be leading and I'll be behind the scenes. Gosh I can't begin to explain what a huge relief this is....

We do have a new addition to our family. One of my friends had purchased a white Persian kitten. I was telling my husband about her new kitten one night. The conversation turned into how I'd always wanted a Siamese or a Himalayan. When I was six months old, mother had brought home a Siamese kitten. He was a part of our family until he passed away when I was 15 years old. He was so intelligent and loving.

After a lot of talking and searches on the internet, husband and I fell in love with the Himalayan. He went to work and asked around to see if anyone knew someone who had kittens. Several of his coworkers started searches of their own to help us find one. Husband and I searched the local papers and found one an hour away (they wanted a small fortune for it) and another two hours away, but it was a Persian, not a Himalayan. We decided to keep looking instead of paying an arm and a leg or driving two hours for a regular Persian. I'm so thankful we did...

Two or three weeks into the search, one of husband's coworkers found a litter of Himalayans in a neighboring town. They, too, wanted a small fortune for them, but we knew they were on the expensive side from what we'd read on the internet. Husband went the day we found out about them and picked out a male. We welcomed him into our family on September 26th. He was born on June 28th, so he was around 13 weeks old.

He is the most beautiful little thing I think I've ever seen! My goodness, we all catch ourselves just sitting here staring at him because he's so pretty :). He's a blue point Himalayan and has the sweetest big blue eyes. He also has a wonderful personality. His favorite thing is to be held like a baby lol! Our children can carry him around the house, hold him and play with him and he's just so gentle. He hasn't scratched anyone - whereas our orange tabby tomcat (who has been "de-manned" lol) had scratched us all when he was a baby by attacking our feet when we walked or trying to climb our legs lol. Our new baby seems to be the complete opposite of our tomcat. He's so easy going and calm. Early in the morning he likes to rip and roar through the house playing with our female cat, but otherwise he's eating or sleeping lol.

There is nothing as sweet as holding him like a baby, rubbing him under his chin (his favorite spot) and listening to him purr. He'll try so hard to keep his eyes open and stay awake (reminds me of our son when he was a baby and would fight sleep with everything he had lol), but his purr will eventually fade and he'll fall asleep. I could sit here and hold him all day if I didn't have other things I had to do lol. Nah, this baby isn't going to be spoiled lolol!

Well, it's now really late and I need to get to bed. I have to do all my running around tomorrow and between this cold I can't seem to get rid of and the insomnia, tomorrow is probably going to be an extremely
L O N G day...

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