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Friday, October 28, 2005

Sick of being SICK and other whines....

Yep, I'm STILL sick. I had an appointment on Monday with my new, new doc (long story). I called yesterday to see if I could get in to see him today. Lady said no appointments for him, so I said I'd keep my appointment for Monday. Not thirty minutes later, my cell rang and it was the clinic nurse. She said my new new doc wouldn't be there Monday, but my new doc (got that?) would be back and I could see him on Tuesday. I explained I'd just tried to get in to see new new doc on Friday and she said, yeah you do sound awful, what's going on? I explained I'd had this sinus/cough thing for WEEKS now and I can't get rid of it. That I cough so hard I've puked up my regular medication (not good) and I'm generally sick of being sick.

So, she set me up with a PA I've seen before (idiot - or was three years ago, the last time I saw this guy), said that she didn't know if he'd refill my regular medication, but if he did, to stop by her office so she could cancel my appointment on Tuesday.

Next week is going to SUCK. Lets see, Saturday we're going to an all day BBQ with over 60 people attending. Monday is Halloween. Tuesday, doc appointment and FRG meeting (still leader unfortunately - another long story) that night, Wednesday is teacher conferences for daughter, Thursday I have to be in COURT (got subpoenaed two days ago because of our ELECTRICIAN of all things, another long story) then Thursday night I have to go to a pre-deployment briefing that's suppose to last HOURS....

Ughhh! And I feel like shit....did I mention that lol?

I have always HATED to go to the doc. Now my life revolves around them and I am just so fed up right now. I'm sure this guy is going to be an ass and say I have to come back on Tuesday to see my new doc. I already have to go to the doc once a month for checkups and my medication, having to go twice in less than a week just jerks my damn chain.

On top of all this, our small dog is sick. She's been having these spells where she wobbles and doesn't know where she is or what she's doing. She had another this morning and hasn't moved from the dog bed in front of the TV since 7 this morning. I'm afraid she's had a stroke...gosh we've had her for 11 years. My heart just doesn't want to face losing her :(.

Damn doctors, being sick and life sucking lol. Someone wake me up please...this can't be my life... sniff sniff LMBO!

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