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Thursday, May 12, 2005

We Really Need a Vacation

I honestly don't know how husband does it. He leaves the house around 4:30 in the morning and doesn't get home until 10 pm or later. He's so beat and unfortunately, his week is really only starting. He leaves Sunday for the field....

There is a CPT's wife in another company who has cancer. Every two weeks she has to go in for chemo and the CO's wife of their company asked if we all would take turns cooking a meal for them the weeks she has chemo. I said I'd cook this week's meal. My plan was to go Tuesday evening and get the stuff to make lasagna and get the boxed garlic bread. This way, her husband could easily just put the lasagna in the oven to heat up and follow the instructions on the box of garlic bread. As life would have it, none of my plans went as - well, planned.

Monday, my best friend called around 10:30 in the morning. We're giving each other a run-down of our weekends when my cell rings. I wasn't going to answer it until I saw it was a local number. No one calls me from our town lol. I don't have any friends that live here - so a local number peeked my interest. I told my friend to hang on while I answered. It was daughter's school. She isn't feeling well and has a fever. Off I go to get her from school.

On the way home, we stopped at the local store and got some cough medicine. All Monday evening she coughed. She coughed most of the night Monday night. She coughed so hard she got sick to her tummy :(. She coughed so hard and so long, her stomach muscles hurt :(. Tuesday, I kept her home from school again. Her cough didn't seem as bad as it had been Monday night, so I dosed her with cough medicine and got her comfortable on the couch. By 4:30 pm, she was worse than she was the night before. She'd cough so hard she had tears rolling down her cheeks. Mommy is now worried.

I go up and take a quick shower, get dressed and get the babies dressed. Husband calls and says he's on his way home (the ONE night he gets off work at a decent hour lol) - and I tell him we're on our way to the Urgent Care Clinic. He says he'll just meet us there. We arrived a little before 7. At midnight, we finally got home from the darn place. The nut doc - honestly, she had such a thick foreign accent AND wore a surgical mask when dealing with my child, so I couldn't understand a darn thing she said. Normally when someone has a thick accent, I can try to read lips to help me understand them, not this lady with the surgical mask lol.

Daughter got x-rays taken and didn't have pneumonia thankfully. Although she has had all her vaccinations, doc thinks she has Pertussis (Whooping Cough), so they took swaps of her nose. We should hear something in two weeks she said (I think lol). She gave daughter an antibiotic and cough medicine with codeine in it. We gave her the first dose of antibiotics when we got home Tuesday night and honestly, Wednesday morning she was 90% better! She still had a little bit of cough, but I was truly amazed that she felt so much better after just one dose of the antibiotic. By this morning she was back to her sparkly ol' self and went on to school.

So, due to being in the ER until midnight Tuesday night and daughter being out of school on Wednesday, I couldn't get to the grocery store until today to get all the stuff for the lasagna. I made it tonight though and made a small separate dish of lasagna for husband to eat when he finally made it home around 11 tonight. Tomorrow he'll take the food to work and give it to the CPT. I feel terrible that I didn't have it there for them on Wednesday, but hopefully Friday will be equally as helpful. It's a HUGE amount of lasagna, so maybe that will feed them over the weekend, so they can just relax and enjoy being together without him having to cook or having to go get something.

As for us, we really do need that vacation. The sad part is, it took our child needing to go to the ER for us to have time together. Sitting in the ER for almost six hours - well, it's the most we've seen each other this week...

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  • I know -- you need a wife!!! And that husband of yours works way too hard for way too little money... God bless you both!

    As for Sgt. T -- yes, an E-5 (at least when he deployed). The guys tell me they have taken it to 1SG and nothing... I know they all like their Captain (my son was his driver when he first got to their unit), but it's a little boat that doesn't take much rockin' from the E-3's and 4's...

    I have strongly suggested that they go higher up the chain, and I think the guys will if it gets worse -- but that's a whole lot of testosterone under battle conditions there who don't want to appear to be whiney-asses... and they think they're too old to listen to a Mom (sigh... when will men learn??) Thanks for stopping by the blog...

    By Blogger Some Soldier's Mom, at 5/14/2005 5:56 PM  

  • A wife lolol! I'd settle for a maid ha! Maybe when I win the lottery lol!

    I really hope they will take it up the chain of command. Twits like SGT T are such "big men" when they are pushing those smaller or lower rank around. However, when it comes time for action - when it really matters like when they are outside the wire, he'll be the one hiding and crying. Twits like SGT T get good people hurt or worse...

    I really hope they can catch the ear of someone who will listen and put a stop to it. I just hate to know good soldiers are being mistreated by the VERY people who are suppose to be taking care of them.

    I've been reading your blog for a few weeks now and have really enjoyed it! Your son and his buddies are in my thoughts and prayers!

    By Blogger Shannon, at 5/15/2005 12:37 AM  

  • Hi, It's rough raising a family any time. But no curse would help. If I think neg. the neg. always happens.
    But if I think positive I miss a lot of trouble. One very useful way is to silently ask Jesus everything. And if you yell for help and it sounds like swearing , still call on the name of Jesus. You can experiment and see for yourself.
    Well I guess you know all this and are a very successful person. Good going.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7/12/2005 6:54 PM  

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