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Sunday, May 15, 2005

The Peaceful, Peace Loving, Peace Marchers

They march for peace. They preach peace. They have a hatred for violence perpetrated in their name by their country, the United States of America. The country in which they refuse to defend (that could be violent you know) and feel said country has no right to defend itself.


Peaceful, peace loving, peace marching people. "WE NEED PEACE!" they tell us over and over and over and....

And then, one of their little men (a term I use loosely here) with lots of (peaceful?) rage leaves their peaceful PEACE march to walk across the street and punch a 49 year old woman in the face, breaking her glasses and knocking one of her hearing aids out. Her crime against peace? Peacefully marching in support of our troops.


All the peaceful, peace loving, peace marchers? Well, they value peace so much, they refused to point out the peace marcher who assaulted the poor woman.

HT: My Sandmen: Anti-America... Mr. Atos gives us a rundown of the all too common opinions of many of today's liberals. And yes, I realize this is not representative of all liberals. However, I'm finding democrats I know (both family and friends) are drifting center and right of center since September 11th. They are seeing and hearing the kinds of things Mr. Atos covers in his blog from too many in their party - and all too often. As such, they have lost faith in their party and no longer agree with the majority of the democrats' agenda.

The most liberal person I know (and she was a self admitted FAR left-wing, tree hugging, Mother Earth subscription buying democrat) refused to vote democrat last November due to the democrats' rhetoric about our country and about the war in Iraq.

Seems the fact democrats have positioned themselves to where only BAD news for our country can be GOOD news for them and their agenda turns most rational people away from the democratic party - and for good reason. When my MIL walks away from the democratic party after voting democrat in EVERY election (local, state and national) since she was 18 years old - that tells me they have lost too many of their mainstream party supporters and are left with the majority of the party being of the, Michael Moore, Kerry-Kennedy, socialist Militant left. The kind of people who PUNCH old ladies whose only crime was supporting the very troops who keep these snarky bastards free to spew their anti-American vile in the first place.

Whew, breathe Shannon, breaattthhhheeee lol.

Peace activist faces trial after crossing the line of civility Line of civility? Peace Activist? Lets call a snake a snake folks. The headline should read, "Anti-American Activist Assaults Woman for Daring to Support Our Troops"

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