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Monday, May 16, 2005

Monday Musings

World War II
An excellent article by Victor Davis Hanson. Remembering World War II - Revisionists get it wrong
The Soviets invaded the defeated Japanese only in the last days of the war; the Anglo-Americans alone took on two fronts simultaneously. Submarine warfare, attacking the Japanese and German surface fleets, conducting strategic bombing over Berlin and Tokyo, and sending tons of supplies to Allied forces — all this was beyond the capability of the Red Army. More important, Stalin had been an ally of Hitler until the Nazi invasion of 1941, and had unleashed the Red Army to destroy the freedom of Finland and to carve up Poland.

Do we ever read these days that when the Luftwaffe bombed Britain, Russia was sending the Nazis fuel and iron ore? When Germany invaded Russia, however, Britain sent food and supplies.

Redneck Scrapbook
Neal Boortz started a Redneck Scrapbook a week or so ago. If you're in need of a good laugh this Monday, go check it out. Today he is featuring the redneck spoiler. As he explains, "Why spend a lot of money on some fancy spoiler for your car when you can make your own." Too funny!!

Iraq News
So the mainstream media dismisses bloggers as pajama pundits. However, in this opinion column, writer Jack Kelly quotes bloggers' coverage of Iraq over and over again. Bloggers are providing the best coverage. Nowhere to run is an excellent article explaining why even with the increase of violence in Iraq, he still says the war in Iraq is all but won.

Deadly Reporting
When will our media understand that what they irresponsibly write can and does get people killed? Somehow, a retraction of the koran in the toilet story does not seem to be enough!!

Newsweek says Koran desecration report is wrong. Yeah, well, too little, too late because none of these religion of peace folks believe that our press is THIS STUPID. WE know they are this stupid, but they don't. In their world, everything done by America is a conspiracy against islam. So, this incident really happened but the infidel American government is making Newsweek retract the story. Don't they realize if our government TRIED to twist Newsweek's arm to make them do anything, THAT would be an even bigger story here in America? Sheesh...

Ok, that's it for this Monday. Hope there's something in all this you found interesting. Let me know what you thought of Boortz's Redneck Scrapbook. The France photos had me ROTFL!

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  • Yeah, I chatted to my boyfriend about it today, and he was just seething. However, good news, is that it didn't seem to get too much attention in Iraq:

    You know what my question is though?: Apparently desecrating the Koran is punishable by death in Afghanistan. And apparently there is definately one case of a Gitmo detainee ripping pages out of the Koran and flushing them down the toilet in attempt to clog the think the Afghani clerics are going to call for his extradiction and he's going to be held responsible for his actions?

    Yeah...well, I am so angry about this one, too.

    By Blogger CaliValleyGirl, at 5/16/2005 12:09 PM  

  • I heard the same thing about the detainee ripping out the pages to stop up the toilet. Yet I didn't read any quotes of muslims angered by that.

    When this story first broke and I was reading all these seething quotes from muslims all over the middle east, I could not help but feel disgusted. I mean, I understand that the Koran is THEIR holy symbol and how offended they should be if this happened, but the RAGE - OMGosh.

    People are kidnapped and their beheadings videotaped. Children are blown to bits by IEDs and car bombs...all in the name of their religion by what most say are extremists and not mainstream muslims. Yet, nothing but silence when innocent people are butchered. Their koran put on a toilet though? Riots and killing and calling for war...

    I'll just never understand it. Just imagine if that many people were truly bothered by terrorism - how quickly they could force most of it to stop...

    By Blogger Shannon, at 5/16/2005 12:29 PM  

  • I hear you.

    By Blogger CaliValleyGirl, at 5/16/2005 2:32 PM  

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