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Monday, May 09, 2005

Monday Musings

I thought I might try my hand at getting on a schedule of sorts here at my blog. So, each Monday I'll post some links to new (well, new to me) blogs I ran across over the weekend and/or articles I found interesting. You never know when you're one click away from your new favorite blog ;).

First, Ben Stein says goodbye in his last column. In doing so, he tells America who his real heroes are. Mr. Stein, they are my heroes too...

Second, Vietnam
I ran across some great sites last week about Vietnam. I believe I found one of the links through Bunker Mulligan - but it's a blur now :).

If you love music as I do, be sure to visit The Vietnam Era (Music). Sit back and enjoy or scroll through their song list and pick your favorites. So far, I've spent hours there listening and I'm on a dial-up! Great site.

Streams is an excellent blog that has some great entries concerning Vietnam. This is also the blog I found The Vietnam Era through.

And last, but certainly not least, I ran across DadManly this weekend and enjoyed reading every one of his entries. Be sure to also stop by Debate Space to find civil, interesting and honest discussions between a conservative (DadManly) and a liberal (The Liberal Avenger). Refreshing to see questions answered and thoughts shared in such a manner...these two set the example. Too bad more folks don't follow their lead.

Happy Monday and hope you enjoy!!

Edited to Add:
Sheesh it really is Monday :). I have one last site to share which is a must see!!

The photo I linked below of the soldier holding the child... Visit Michael Yon : Online Magazine. Mr. Yon is currently in Iraq and is the photographer who took the now famous shot. Go visit and read more...

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