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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Ace in the Hole

When we moved here, DirectTV was cheaper than cable, so we went with it. I've yet to regret that decision. Once in a while we will lose the signal when a really bad storm rolls through, but it's usually only for a few minutes. We also get a lot more channels with DirectTV than we would with our local cable company.

At any rate, last month, I was taking a break from the computer and watching more television than normal. My favorite channel is The History Channel, so while flipping around that area of programming, I noticed The Military Channel. For several days, I'd check to see what was on and each time I'd think, "darn I'd watch that if we had the Military Channel."

After almost a week of seeing interesting programs listed on the Military Channel, I finally decided to call and see how much it would cost to add it to our programming package. A nice lady answered the phone and said it would cost $4.00 per month to add it, but it's a package, so we'd also get several other channels with it too - such as the Biography Channel, PBS Kids, History International (woohoo!! two history channels!) and several extra Discovery Channels - oh and the Science Channel too.

I was sold lol. And, another perk of satellite TV? She adds the package to our programming in the computer and before we hang up, I HAVE The Military Channel on my TV lol!!

For two weeks now, I've been looking forward to tonight. On The Military Channel, they were showing Ace in the Hole, The Capture of Saddam Hussein. And it was worth the wait.

If you enjoy military history, I'd highly recommend The Military Channel!

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