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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

You know your husband works long hours when...

So I met my across the street neighbor this past Saturday. I had bent the blade on the lawnmower (hit a stump)so I had taken it off and used a sledge hammer to straighten it (I know, but it beat the heck out of a trip to the hardware store lol - plan to do that tomorrow). She stopped during the fiasco to say Hi. They moved in during the winter, so we hadn't had a chance to meet one another yet.

We're talking and she says, "So your husband is in the Army?" I said yes, he'd been in for a while. She says, "He sure is gone a lot. Does he only comes home on the weekends?"

I about fell over laughing. I told her no, he was home every night except right now while he is in the field, but it's usually 9 or 10 pm when he gets in - then he's gone again at the crack of dawn.

She had no clue that my husband came home every night LMBO. I had no clue that it appeared that the babies and I lived here all alone - except for weekends lol.

At any rate, the next week will be busy, so I won't be online. School let out for the summer today and we have plans through next Wednesday with husband having a four day weekend this weekend. Hope everyone has a good Memorial Day and I'll be back next Wednesday or Thursday...

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I made it - but it wasn't any fun...

I received a call earlier this afternoon from husband. He's back in the rear and once weapons are cleaned and put away and vehicles are washed, he'll be home. I imagine he might be home by midnight lol.

I guess it was Sunday or Monday night, I had my sob for this trip lol. I had gone upstairs to put the babies to bed and it was HOT up there. From painting our bedroom and our son's bedroom right before Christmas, just the smell - goodness. It took me back to last summer of it being so hot and me working on our bedroom. That fear in the pit of my belly emerged, that sick feeling that is just right around the edges - the loneliness...every bit of it came back as if it was all still happening.

Isn't odd how smells or a song can take you back to a place and time of your past? My goodness, that night it took me right back to the fear I haven't felt in nine months - it was as if it was last May and none of us having a clue as to when they would be home.

I put the babies to bed and came downstairs. I looked around and realized that sooner, rather than later, THIS - THIS emptiness and fear and sick feeling would be my life for another full year.

So I sobbed for a while. Actually, it felt pretty darn good to let it out. But, even after I called my best friend and we talked about it, the reality was still there. It wasn't last year - it was a year later. However, soon it would be next year and it might as well be 2003/4. And it stinks. It really does. I know it's "part of military life" and this is what he does for a living and I respect that tremendously. It sure as hell doesn't make it any easier to live without him though and live hour to hour knowing how damn fragile life is. That you never get back yesterday so you damn well have made the best of your time together.

That's where I've been this week. In some sort of strange in-between. He's gone but not really gone and I'm fine but I'm really NOT fine. The smell of new paint brought it all home and I had no idea how hard it would hit me - until it did.

So, when he pulls up in front of the house tonight, whether it's 9 pm or 1 am, my rear will be sitting on the porch waiting for him. And when I see him, I plan on tackling him right there in the street in front of God and neighbors :). I just can't WAIT to see him...

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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Our Vacation...

The view from the hotel Sarah and her husband stayed looks wonderful!

Next month, we're taking our first real vacation IN TEN YEARS!! Matter of fact, I'm making our reservations today - and we're heading to Florida too. I've found a beautiful resort for us to stay. It has several pools, a restaurant, a bar on the beach for fruity drinks while we soak up the sun, special activities for children - and best of all, its right on the Gulf where the sand is white as snow and the ocean is a gorgeous blue.

Unlike Sarah and her husband, we're definitely beach bums ;). We're looking forward to long days on the beach and quiet evenings sitting on the terrace of the condo we're renting - and smelling the ocean air. Mostly though, we're looking forward to it just being the two of us and our two little ones.

Normally, we go visit family and call that a vacation while we try to visit everyone in the area evenly lol so no one feels left out or neglected. However, this time, we're going where WE want to go, taking our time, relaxing and enjoying our time together without any outside interference from the Army - or anyone else for that matter.

As you can tell, I'm beside myself. We are really looking forward to this trip!! It's been entirely too many years since we just sat on a beach, enjoying each other's company and the sights and sounds of the ocean. And, it will be the first time either of our children have seen a beach! Well, our daughter has been to the beach in Virginia, but she was just a baby and doesn't remember it. Watching them experience this for the first time is going to be so special! Searching for shells, building sand castles, hanging on to Daddy while they wade out into the sounds about as close to heaven on earth as we can get.

Thank you Army for moving block leave from May (when we couldn't have gone anywhere due to daughter's school) to June! Someone finally got a clue and realized these soldiers would have missed three summers in a row - or at least the soldiers with school aged children would have. June is a perfect time since everyone will be able to enjoy a get-away!

Now if I can just get a few house projects done. That way, I can really relax while we're gone and not worry about projects that will be waiting on me when I get home lol.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Please Help Get the Word Out...

I just saw this on Neil Cavuto and it's such important legislation for our servicemembers AND their families. Please visit the links below to learn more - then email family and friends the information, share it on your blog, post it on military spouse sites you may visit... Most importantly, email, call and write via snail mail your elected officials to let them know you support this legislation and expect them to not only support it, but to make it happen ASAP!!

When a soldier is severely injured, most end up at one of the larger military medical centers which can be hundreds or thousands of miles away from their family and their home. Just imagine if your soldier was badly burned, had lost limbs or had a spinal injury - the worry and heartache you'd be experiencing. Not only are you distraught, you want to get to your loved one as quickly as possible.

However, due to the injury(ies), he's being retired out of the service. You are already on a tight budget with full military pay. Devastating injuries or not, sooner rather than later, you have to weigh your family's livelihood with your being by your loved one's side as he/she faces the toughest battle off all - the road to recovery.

I know I'd drop everything to be by my husband's side, however the truth is, at some point, the hotel costs, meals, our bills at home - I'd have to make a painful decision about our financial situation before he is discharged from the hospital. We'd need a home for him to come home to and I'd have to get a job to help support us - as his retirement pay would not at this point in our lives. I just cannot begin to imagine the heartache these families are going through as they have to leave their loved one, alone in a hospital, to come home to keep the family financially afloat.

In comes a national hero, awarded the Purple Heart and Bronze Star with a V, SSG Ryan Kelly, who understands these problems (and others) first hand. Thanks to SSG Kelly, the financial stresses families are facing on top of the horrific injuries their loved ones have suffered, could soon be a thing of the past.

The Wounded Warrior Project is advocating for legislation to create a Service Member’s Group Disability Insurance (SGDI) program, similar to the existing Servicemen’s Group Life Insurance (SGLI). Through this program, severely injured soldiers will receive a large lump sum payment upon their injury, allowing them to concentrate more fully on their recovery and transition back into civilian life rather than on the financial hardships they and their families face during this period.

Landmark Legislation Proposed by Wounded Warriors And Adopted by Senate Would Help Severely Injured Servicemembers
Measure will be retroactive to October 7, 2001 – the start of Operation Enduring Freedom (Washington, DC) – April 21, 2005 -- Severely injured servicemembers and their families will see their burdens eased by new legislation sponsored by U.S. Senator Larry Craig (R-Idaho) and adopted today by his colleagues. The Craig amendment will provide between $25,000 and $100,000 to severely injured military personnel, depending on the severity of their injury, whether wounded in combat or elsewhere. All Active Duty personnel who choose to participate in the military’s life insurance program will pay $1 a month for the coverage as part of their Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance. An additional amendment offered by Sen. Mike DeWine (R-Ohio) will make Craig's measure retroactive to the start of Operation Enduring Freedom, which began in Afghanistan on October 7, 2001. Both the Craig and DeWine amendments were adopted by voice vote, as part of an $81 billion emergency supplemental to fund ongoing operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. It must still be approved by the House of Representatives. Craig, who serves as chairman of the Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs, said that it was the help of the Bush Administration and Ranking Member Daniel Akaka which helped put the measure over the top. "Two days ago we held a press conference with both the Secretary of Veterans Affairs and the Under Secretary of Defense who expressed their solid support for this effort. Their unwavering backing helped me quickly convince my colleagues that this is the right thing to do," said Craig.

Also, consider donating to their Backpack Program. From their website:
OUR BACKPACK PROGRAM provides much needed comfort items such as toiletries and other personal goods. It is visible on the faces of these heroes that they know their fellow citizens and veterans care about them and appreciate their bravery and courage.

By following the link above, you can view a list of items that are placed in the backpacks that they give to our injured servicemembers. When they arrive at the hospital, all they have is the uniform they are wearing. Receiving items like these is extremely helpful and is desperately needed. Please consider donating to the cause.

If you can't donate money for a backpack, consider another way to help our wounded:
Purchase a phone card and mail it to:
Medical Family Assistance Center
Walter Reed Medical Center
6900 Georgia Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20307-5001

Long distance calls are not paid for by the military, so our injured cannot call home unless they have a phone card. The number one request of patients at Walter Reed is phone cards. Just think if we all purchased a $10 or $20 phone card and mailed it - what a difference we could make in the lives of the very people we owe our freedom to!

Thank you for reading and please pass this info along! No need for a link back to me, just link to WWP's site. I'm not interested in anything other than this information being passed along so those in Washington know, without a doubt, we expect this to be passed :)!

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Monday, May 16, 2005

The Military Spouse Curse Strikes Again

The Military Spouse Curse is just another aspect of military life. I expect something negative to happen every time my husband leaves for longer than 48 hours. Unfortunately, this time was no different.

The week prior to him leaving both babies were sick. As I mentioned earlier this week, daughter went to the Urgent Care Clinic Tuesday night. Well, Saturday evening, the last night my husband was home, I had to take our son up there. He also had the horrible cough that would cause him to cough so hard he'd get sick to his tummy. Thankfully on this trip to the UCC, we were in and out in two hours, not nearly six hours like when we took our daughter. Turns out his cough was masking ear infections in both ears and an extremely red throat. He'd only complained that his throat hurt when he coughed... We left with an antibiotic and some cough medicine.

At any rate, I thought - whew, got the sicknesses out of the way while he was still home. Usually, sickness waits until he's gone where I'm left alone trying to change puked on sheets in the middle of the night and console a crying child who is so sick and miserable lol.

Needless to say, I was under a false sense of security thinking I'd finally make it through one separation without the curse. I had made so many plans for the two weeks he was gone. I wanted to tackle the back hall by stripping all the woodwork back there, ripping out the closet and the linoleum and refinishing the floor. I also wanted to get the kitchen cabinets painted and the new molding added. If I still had time before he got home, I'd planned to build these flower boxes that would go in the center of each section of our picket fence. SO many little time.

So, yesterday evening I decided I'd better give Mother a call. I wanted to talk to her, but I also needed to give her updates on the babies. The last time we talked, she knew daughter had been to the doc, but didn't know that our son had gone a few days later.

We talk for a while and I give her all the updates on the babies. Then, little guy starts coughing - and coughing hard. I tell him to go to the bathroom in case he's going to get sick. I'm planning on following him of course. As I'm getting out of the chair, I hear him start to throw up, so I jump up and start off fast for the bathroom. Well, there's this children's wooden rocker that sits to the left of the fireplace. I guess one of the babies or one of the dogs bumped it at some point yesterday and pushed it about half a foot forward from its usually resting spot. In my hurry to the bathroom, I didn't notice, but my foot sure did.

BAM!! Crack...

With Mother still on the phone, I yell out a wordy durd. Ok, so I yelled out several. OMGosh I saw stars...

I knew from the crack I broke at least one toe. It was quite evident when I finally got over the initial impact that it was broken because I couldn't move it. When I tried to walk, I was in a lot of pain. So, after hobbling around while getting the babies to bed, I put some ice in a Ziploc bag, wrapped it in a wash-rag and iced my toes for most of the night.

This morning, I'm pretty sure it's only one broken toe - the next to last toe on my left foot. It's almost triple the size it normally is and from below the toenail, down the right side of the toe and around to the back, it's a beautiful black, deep red and purple lol.

I knew better than to try to put shoes on this morning to take daughter to school. So, I thought I'd put my soft purple fuzzy slippers on. Oh no, not happening. Even my fuzzy slippers were out of the question. Needless to say, I've sat around most of the day with no shoes on and my foot propped up. So much for getting a lot of stuff done around here :(.

And as luck would have it, the curse wasn't done with me yet.

This afternoon, I started not feeling too well. My throat started to hurt, I noticed I had a fever not long after that - and then I started coughing. The coughing hurt in my chest and out of nowhere I'm congested. I guess now I'm going to catch whatever it is that the babies' little immune systems have been trying to fight off for over a week.

Now, my toe not only hurts, I feel like crap too lol. Darn curse...I hope this is THE grande finale for this separation. Please, three is NOT a charm lol.

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Monday Musings

World War II
An excellent article by Victor Davis Hanson. Remembering World War II - Revisionists get it wrong
The Soviets invaded the defeated Japanese only in the last days of the war; the Anglo-Americans alone took on two fronts simultaneously. Submarine warfare, attacking the Japanese and German surface fleets, conducting strategic bombing over Berlin and Tokyo, and sending tons of supplies to Allied forces — all this was beyond the capability of the Red Army. More important, Stalin had been an ally of Hitler until the Nazi invasion of 1941, and had unleashed the Red Army to destroy the freedom of Finland and to carve up Poland.

Do we ever read these days that when the Luftwaffe bombed Britain, Russia was sending the Nazis fuel and iron ore? When Germany invaded Russia, however, Britain sent food and supplies.

Redneck Scrapbook
Neal Boortz started a Redneck Scrapbook a week or so ago. If you're in need of a good laugh this Monday, go check it out. Today he is featuring the redneck spoiler. As he explains, "Why spend a lot of money on some fancy spoiler for your car when you can make your own." Too funny!!

Iraq News
So the mainstream media dismisses bloggers as pajama pundits. However, in this opinion column, writer Jack Kelly quotes bloggers' coverage of Iraq over and over again. Bloggers are providing the best coverage. Nowhere to run is an excellent article explaining why even with the increase of violence in Iraq, he still says the war in Iraq is all but won.

Deadly Reporting
When will our media understand that what they irresponsibly write can and does get people killed? Somehow, a retraction of the koran in the toilet story does not seem to be enough!!

Newsweek says Koran desecration report is wrong. Yeah, well, too little, too late because none of these religion of peace folks believe that our press is THIS STUPID. WE know they are this stupid, but they don't. In their world, everything done by America is a conspiracy against islam. So, this incident really happened but the infidel American government is making Newsweek retract the story. Don't they realize if our government TRIED to twist Newsweek's arm to make them do anything, THAT would be an even bigger story here in America? Sheesh...

Ok, that's it for this Monday. Hope there's something in all this you found interesting. Let me know what you thought of Boortz's Redneck Scrapbook. The France photos had me ROTFL!

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Sunday, May 15, 2005

It Never Gets Any Easier...

When my husband and I met, I had absolutely no knowledge of military life whatsoever. I didn't even know enough to be dangerous lol. My father had gotten out of the service before he met and married my mother. So, when dating my husband who was a drill sergeant when we met, I just assumed that all soldiers worked from 3 or 4 in the morning until midnight or later every day lol.

We dated less than a year before we married. My entire experience with the military up until that point had been the hours he worked on the trail. His recruits were in OSUT (One Station Unit Training) where they go through basic and AIT together, so the cycles were pretty long. Although he worked long hours, other than pulling duty (and I took him supper when he pulled duty so I still saw him) - we were only separated for several days each cycle when they did their FTX before graduation. This was years before Victory Forge had been thought of lol.

We married in May and he finished up his two years on the trail several months later. By August or maybe it was September, he had orders to another duty station. Right before Christmas that year, we arrived at his new duty station and settled into a two bedroom apartment in the civilian community. That's when I was introduced to the real Army lol.

I remember the first field problem he went on after the holidays that year as if it happened last week. We'd been there less than two months. He was going to be gone three or four weeks and I'll be honest, I was scared.

I worked for a law firm in the town right outside the installation's gate, so I had a full-time job to keep me busy. We had a small dog and two cats to keep me company at night. But, living alone in a new town, in a "new to us" apartment where I didn't really know anyone other than my husband and the nice lady who was the apartment complex's manager - well, it was quite intimidating.

Those first few nights, I cried a lot. I'd get home from work and eat a bowl of cereal for supper. I'd get a shower and get my PJs on. Then it would hit me: I'd only killed an hour and a half tops - and I still had another eleven or so hours before I could get dressed and go back to work lol. At least at work, there were people to talk to lol. It was truly a very lonely time.

One night while sitting on the couch crying, covered up in a throw and having my box of tissues next to me, I remember worrying that maybe I just wasn't cut out for this type of life. It was pretty apparent by my puffy, swollen eyes and stuffy nose from all the crying that I was not handling my first military separation very well. And, "he was only in the field for goodness sakes! It wasn't like he was sent off to war or something" I'd think - and start crying even harder.

And then it came to me. I thought, well - this is all so new. Newly married, new to Army life, new to the community. Maybe I should cut myself a little bit of slack here. I remember thinking that I couldn't wait for us to be married for a few years because surely, by then, I'd be adjusted to Army life. I'd be used to all that is so new and scary at the moment. And most importantly, the separations would become easier to endure as I got used to him having to be away from home.

Whew. There.

It may have taken several days to come up with a way to console myself, but finally, I felt better. From that moment on, I seemed to handle our first "military separation" better with my "this is all so new, it will get easier as time goes by" outlook.

Years passed. Then a decade. And time kept marching on as well as my husband's career. Each separation coming and going and the horrific realization that it had NEVER gotten any easier. If anything, each year that we are married we are closer, we are more in love with one another and have built a strong life together. And it NEVER gets any easier to say good-bye.


Whether he's deployed to a combat zone or, like now, spending some time in the field, it's never easy to go even ONE day without him - without at the least, being able to hear his voice.

He left at 1:30 am and I was, of course, awake. Waiting so I could tell him I love him and to be careful. To hear his voice, to give him a hug and a kiss. It's the last of any of those things for a few weeks since no cells were allowed on this trip and there will be no email in the woods lol. It beats the heck out of the months of not hearing his voice after they rolled out of Kuwait and into Iraq in 2003, but it still doesn't beat having him home - or only a phone call away.

And it never gets any easier.

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The Peaceful, Peace Loving, Peace Marchers

They march for peace. They preach peace. They have a hatred for violence perpetrated in their name by their country, the United States of America. The country in which they refuse to defend (that could be violent you know) and feel said country has no right to defend itself.


Peaceful, peace loving, peace marching people. "WE NEED PEACE!" they tell us over and over and over and....

And then, one of their little men (a term I use loosely here) with lots of (peaceful?) rage leaves their peaceful PEACE march to walk across the street and punch a 49 year old woman in the face, breaking her glasses and knocking one of her hearing aids out. Her crime against peace? Peacefully marching in support of our troops.


All the peaceful, peace loving, peace marchers? Well, they value peace so much, they refused to point out the peace marcher who assaulted the poor woman.

HT: My Sandmen: Anti-America... Mr. Atos gives us a rundown of the all too common opinions of many of today's liberals. And yes, I realize this is not representative of all liberals. However, I'm finding democrats I know (both family and friends) are drifting center and right of center since September 11th. They are seeing and hearing the kinds of things Mr. Atos covers in his blog from too many in their party - and all too often. As such, they have lost faith in their party and no longer agree with the majority of the democrats' agenda.

The most liberal person I know (and she was a self admitted FAR left-wing, tree hugging, Mother Earth subscription buying democrat) refused to vote democrat last November due to the democrats' rhetoric about our country and about the war in Iraq.

Seems the fact democrats have positioned themselves to where only BAD news for our country can be GOOD news for them and their agenda turns most rational people away from the democratic party - and for good reason. When my MIL walks away from the democratic party after voting democrat in EVERY election (local, state and national) since she was 18 years old - that tells me they have lost too many of their mainstream party supporters and are left with the majority of the party being of the, Michael Moore, Kerry-Kennedy, socialist Militant left. The kind of people who PUNCH old ladies whose only crime was supporting the very troops who keep these snarky bastards free to spew their anti-American vile in the first place.

Whew, breathe Shannon, breaattthhhheeee lol.

Peace activist faces trial after crossing the line of civility Line of civility? Peace Activist? Lets call a snake a snake folks. The headline should read, "Anti-American Activist Assaults Woman for Daring to Support Our Troops"

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Thursday, May 12, 2005

We Really Need a Vacation

I honestly don't know how husband does it. He leaves the house around 4:30 in the morning and doesn't get home until 10 pm or later. He's so beat and unfortunately, his week is really only starting. He leaves Sunday for the field....

There is a CPT's wife in another company who has cancer. Every two weeks she has to go in for chemo and the CO's wife of their company asked if we all would take turns cooking a meal for them the weeks she has chemo. I said I'd cook this week's meal. My plan was to go Tuesday evening and get the stuff to make lasagna and get the boxed garlic bread. This way, her husband could easily just put the lasagna in the oven to heat up and follow the instructions on the box of garlic bread. As life would have it, none of my plans went as - well, planned.

Monday, my best friend called around 10:30 in the morning. We're giving each other a run-down of our weekends when my cell rings. I wasn't going to answer it until I saw it was a local number. No one calls me from our town lol. I don't have any friends that live here - so a local number peeked my interest. I told my friend to hang on while I answered. It was daughter's school. She isn't feeling well and has a fever. Off I go to get her from school.

On the way home, we stopped at the local store and got some cough medicine. All Monday evening she coughed. She coughed most of the night Monday night. She coughed so hard she got sick to her tummy :(. She coughed so hard and so long, her stomach muscles hurt :(. Tuesday, I kept her home from school again. Her cough didn't seem as bad as it had been Monday night, so I dosed her with cough medicine and got her comfortable on the couch. By 4:30 pm, she was worse than she was the night before. She'd cough so hard she had tears rolling down her cheeks. Mommy is now worried.

I go up and take a quick shower, get dressed and get the babies dressed. Husband calls and says he's on his way home (the ONE night he gets off work at a decent hour lol) - and I tell him we're on our way to the Urgent Care Clinic. He says he'll just meet us there. We arrived a little before 7. At midnight, we finally got home from the darn place. The nut doc - honestly, she had such a thick foreign accent AND wore a surgical mask when dealing with my child, so I couldn't understand a darn thing she said. Normally when someone has a thick accent, I can try to read lips to help me understand them, not this lady with the surgical mask lol.

Daughter got x-rays taken and didn't have pneumonia thankfully. Although she has had all her vaccinations, doc thinks she has Pertussis (Whooping Cough), so they took swaps of her nose. We should hear something in two weeks she said (I think lol). She gave daughter an antibiotic and cough medicine with codeine in it. We gave her the first dose of antibiotics when we got home Tuesday night and honestly, Wednesday morning she was 90% better! She still had a little bit of cough, but I was truly amazed that she felt so much better after just one dose of the antibiotic. By this morning she was back to her sparkly ol' self and went on to school.

So, due to being in the ER until midnight Tuesday night and daughter being out of school on Wednesday, I couldn't get to the grocery store until today to get all the stuff for the lasagna. I made it tonight though and made a small separate dish of lasagna for husband to eat when he finally made it home around 11 tonight. Tomorrow he'll take the food to work and give it to the CPT. I feel terrible that I didn't have it there for them on Wednesday, but hopefully Friday will be equally as helpful. It's a HUGE amount of lasagna, so maybe that will feed them over the weekend, so they can just relax and enjoy being together without him having to cook or having to go get something.

As for us, we really do need that vacation. The sad part is, it took our child needing to go to the ER for us to have time together. Sitting in the ER for almost six hours - well, it's the most we've seen each other this week...

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Ace in the Hole

When we moved here, DirectTV was cheaper than cable, so we went with it. I've yet to regret that decision. Once in a while we will lose the signal when a really bad storm rolls through, but it's usually only for a few minutes. We also get a lot more channels with DirectTV than we would with our local cable company.

At any rate, last month, I was taking a break from the computer and watching more television than normal. My favorite channel is The History Channel, so while flipping around that area of programming, I noticed The Military Channel. For several days, I'd check to see what was on and each time I'd think, "darn I'd watch that if we had the Military Channel."

After almost a week of seeing interesting programs listed on the Military Channel, I finally decided to call and see how much it would cost to add it to our programming package. A nice lady answered the phone and said it would cost $4.00 per month to add it, but it's a package, so we'd also get several other channels with it too - such as the Biography Channel, PBS Kids, History International (woohoo!! two history channels!) and several extra Discovery Channels - oh and the Science Channel too.

I was sold lol. And, another perk of satellite TV? She adds the package to our programming in the computer and before we hang up, I HAVE The Military Channel on my TV lol!!

For two weeks now, I've been looking forward to tonight. On The Military Channel, they were showing Ace in the Hole, The Capture of Saddam Hussein. And it was worth the wait.

If you enjoy military history, I'd highly recommend The Military Channel!

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Monday, May 09, 2005

Monday Musings

I thought I might try my hand at getting on a schedule of sorts here at my blog. So, each Monday I'll post some links to new (well, new to me) blogs I ran across over the weekend and/or articles I found interesting. You never know when you're one click away from your new favorite blog ;).

First, Ben Stein says goodbye in his last column. In doing so, he tells America who his real heroes are. Mr. Stein, they are my heroes too...

Second, Vietnam
I ran across some great sites last week about Vietnam. I believe I found one of the links through Bunker Mulligan - but it's a blur now :).

If you love music as I do, be sure to visit The Vietnam Era (Music). Sit back and enjoy or scroll through their song list and pick your favorites. So far, I've spent hours there listening and I'm on a dial-up! Great site.

Streams is an excellent blog that has some great entries concerning Vietnam. This is also the blog I found The Vietnam Era through.

And last, but certainly not least, I ran across DadManly this weekend and enjoyed reading every one of his entries. Be sure to also stop by Debate Space to find civil, interesting and honest discussions between a conservative (DadManly) and a liberal (The Liberal Avenger). Refreshing to see questions answered and thoughts shared in such a manner...these two set the example. Too bad more folks don't follow their lead.

Happy Monday and hope you enjoy!!

Edited to Add:
Sheesh it really is Monday :). I have one last site to share which is a must see!!

The photo I linked below of the soldier holding the child... Visit Michael Yon : Online Magazine. Mr. Yon is currently in Iraq and is the photographer who took the now famous shot. Go visit and read more...

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Saturday, May 07, 2005

A Picture is Worth a Thousand - Tears....

The love and respect this stranger in an American uniform shows for the wounded Iraqi child is evident. It is yet another example of the many profound acts of kindness, charity and bravery that have been displayed throughout the war by young Americans in uniform. We've heard the stories or seen the photos of a Marine sharing his last drop of water with a thirsty Iraqi child. The Internet -- unlike many of our major newspapers -- is abuzz with pictures of American warriors sharing laughs with Iraqi youth and weeping over the shattered victims of terrorists. I've had the great fortune to witness many of these acts of kindness firsthand.

Unfortunately, if you are a college student or a law school student in America today, you are unlikely to know just how remarkable your peers who serve in the military are. Worse yet, your college administrators deny you the opportunity to decide for yourself whether or not you'd like to join their ranks. The Ivory Tower academic elitists in many of America's most "prestigious" colleges and universities today are waging war against the military and working to keep recruiters off of their campuses.

Oliver North tells it like it is once again. The left in this nation scream TOLERANCE. Applying it to themselves? Well, it ONLY applies to them as long as they only have to be tolerant of things they AGREE with. Typical of the slugs...

A picture is worth a thousand words

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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Is it Friday yet????

What a long damn week. Sheesh!

Tuesday, we had a FRG meeting. My friend and I had a good time LMAO, I'm not quite sure how the rest of the ladies and gents felt. Mr. Commander - he's fired for introducing me by who I am married to (strike one). He was holding the meeting, waiting for husband (strike two lol) and looked shocked when I said, "oh, he's not coming, lets get on with this." After the meeting husband arrived and confirmed that I was THE MAN and told him to stay away LMAO. Actually, I just wanted people to meet ME - not, "oh she's so and so's wife" kind of thing. Rank has no part of the FRG. Thanks to Mr. Commander that was not possible, however next month he will be fully briefed before uttering a word lol.

We celebrated our anniversary this week. Actually celebrating consisted of softball practice, a quick trip to burger king-dom for supper and then standing outside and talking to a WWII Vet who happened to drive by when husband was getting out of the car in uniform. Super nice couple though...and he'd met my all time HERO (besides my husband and father), PATTON!!! Just talking to someone who had met Patton was so great...

This weekend husband says he's buying me a diamond for our anniversary. I told him to save it and buy me a MUSTANG LMAO. No child car-seat allowed lol. Anyhow, we plan to hopefully do something this weekend, but I don't think I'll see him tonight or tomorrow due to work - and Saturday he will probably snore in the chair until some moron gets picked up by the MPs and he has to go get them. Maybe year after next when he gets back from Iraq AGAIN, we can actaully go OUT on our anniversary just the two of us. Yeah, right.

Tomorrow I make the treck to post to get groceries. I just LOVE that long drive - especially when daughter is along for the ride (which she will be) to roll her eyes and say, "Daddy lets me listen to country music..." Gosh I can feel her rolling her eyes so hard it shakes the truck. UGHHH. My response to her hatred of all good rock and roll is, "when you get a job and actually PAY for a vehicle you have the luxury of riding in, then you can pick the music. Until then, sit down, shut up and enjoy the ride..." Ok, not that mean, but gosh that is what I want to say other than rolling MY eyes at her rolling HER eyes lolol. Thank GOD we did not have two daughters. ONE is enough to keep from an estrogen overload around here lol. My son? Just like his Momma - loves some great rock and roll lol. Husband has corrupted the girl, she may be lost forever...

Ok, that's it. Got laundry waiting and a dog staring me down which means she has to go out. Just another day of glamourous life around here lol....

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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Eh, life sucks...

I'm taking a break. First time I've been online since last Wednesday or Thursday. I don't plan on cutting the computer on again until maybe Friday.

Nothing new to tell other than husband being off for a long weekend and finding out another friend died in Iraq last week. The memorial is tomorrow. I doubt I'll go. I don't do death well. The only funeral I hope to attend in the far far future is my own. And I know, a memorial is not a funeral, but it might as well be.

Lets see, lucky me, I got an appointment with my doc. Haven't seen him since Feb. I think. Unlucky for me is the fact this is the last time I'll get to see him. He's ETSing this month (that's getting out of the Army for any civilians). That leaves me in a possible pickle come June. Hopefully he'll tell me who I can see next month. This doc met me before husband left for Iraq, has known me through a year deployment, husband coming home - my health problems, what medications we've tried, what failed, why it failed, what worked et al. Now I have to start over with some other doctor and I'm angry and scared and depressed. He's a general practioner who sees patients (I imagine) like a cattle herder, but he cares, he listens, he returns phone calls, he made phone calls to specialists when I just couldn't SEE another specialist who wanted to cut on me again. HE CARED. And, I'll probably get stuck with that dip shit I started with after surgery numero dos over two years ago who only cared enough to shake his head in a patronizing manner and say,"I'm sorry, I just don't know what I can do for you. Take care."

Guess I'm just mad at the world right now. I should still be lifting weights and be healthy - ACTIVE. Now I'm gaining weight, I'm unhappy and now my doctor is leaving which when you have to see a doc every other month or so to make sure you are not in need of emergency surgery, is a BIG change.

Yea me. I'm too young for a midlife crisis but damn, something's got to give.

See you next week when hopefully I'll be in a better mood lol.

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