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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Hanoi Jane

She should have been TRIED and CONVICTED of TREASON. Instead she's out making money telling about her idiotic bedroom exploits.

I hope to one day soon see her in an airport or on a street. I will walk up to this TRAITOR and spit in her face. Regardless of what she says today, she has NEVER apologized for making radio broadcasts for the NVA and that IS giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Hell I'm surprised this scum of the earth isn't touring in the middle east appearing on Al Jazeera calling our troops today murderers. Rest assured that is what this whore thinks.

May she rot in hell for eternity for what she did. This is one Vietnam Veteran's daughter who will NEVER forget nor forgive.

Hanoi Jane rides again

See ya'll next week when I'm back online regularly...

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