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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Want Free Healthcare?

I happened by an interesting blog this evening, Turning 30 and a half. Sue is a Canadian who has "a deployed American guy" in her life. I enjoyed reading through her blog. Give a visit - there's something of interest for just about everyone.

In an entry titled, Next time I'm going to McDonalds, she gives us a glimpse into some of the experiences not only she has had in Canadian hospitals, but experiences of family and friends too.

No matter how many times Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and the like-minded of the left scream you have a right to free healthcare, you only have to look to our northern neighbors to realize we do not want it. Not only do we not want "free" healthcare, we don't want our families and ourselves to have to endure the consequences of it.

Nothing in life is free. However, with free healthcare (aka socialized medicine), what you don't pay in dollars, you pay with lives. And nothing "free" is worth that matter what the Left in our country would have you believe...

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