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Saturday, March 26, 2005

No Rest For the Poor Guy

The husband and I stayed up late last night. Well, I stayed up late reading online and he stayed up late snoring in the cushy chair across from me in the living room lol. Needless to say, when the babies woke me this morning, I was regretting my late night reading - even if I did finally catch up on most of my favorite blogs.

So our plan for the day was to start off slow and relax around the house this morning lol. Then, we'd head to a larger town about 40 minutes from us, grab a late lunch/early supper and then walk that off at the mall. Daughter wants her hair cut short again. I'm looking for her a pair of little white canvas sneakers that would look cute with some of her new spring outfits. I've not been able to find a pair anywhere, so I thought I could probably find her a pair of Keds at one of the shoe stores in the mall. I also needed to stock up on Yankee Candle Tarts again, so the mall was the plan. The place where we could take care of everything in one, "oh I'm so full after eating like a pig" indoor walk.

That was our Saturday plan. Yeah. Riiight. Not with the new job lol.

His cell rang a little after ten. Soldier in trouble, but nothing on the serious side like a soldier in jail or anything. After several phone calls and SGT MORON being within a five mile radius so he could screw it up (guy is a complete idiot who can make a mountain out of an ant hill in 2.4 seconds flat), husband says he has to go take care of it.

Yea!! Gotta love this SGT Moron who could screw up a one car funeral.

While husband is gone, I read some on the net, I dose a little while watching a Disney movie with the babies and then finally get my lazy butt upstairs to get dressed. My laziness had perfect timing for once lol. The babies were ready and I was putting away the hair dryer when he walked through the door. We were all ready to go the minute he got home.

We get to the restaurant. We order our food. Before the appetizers could arrive, his cell had rang two more times. By the time had eaten and were getting to-go boxes for our leftovers, the cell had rang two more times and husband had made two other calls.

By the time we were walking out to our vehicle, two more soldiers were in trouble and this time it was on the serious side for one of them, but thankfully SGT Moron was not around to make a disaster out of young kids being STUPID.

So, the trip to the mall was scrapped. The babies and I waved at the mall we'd been trying to go to for three days now as we drove by lol.

Off to the husband's office we go. I decided we'd stay in the truck while Daddy took care of what he had to do. I'm not much for hanging out where my husband works - even if we're there just because we had to be under the circumstances. Living so far from the installation does have its down sides for sure. But, we had a good time anyway. CAUTION, BRAG: My little ones are so great and no matter where we are, we have a good time together (end brag lol). We listened to the radio for a while, daughter read a book about different birds to baby brother and I (the three of us love to bird watch out our six big windows in the kitchen while birds bathe in our pond in the spring and summer). Then, I called my Mother and talked to her for a while. All in all, the time went by pretty fast and by 7:15 or so, we were finally on the road heading home.

Well, guess I need to cut the computer off here since 1 am has snuck up on me. The bars will be closing soon and I'm sure by 3 am, the phone will be ringing again lol. And, I still have to get with that Easter Bunny so the Bunny of Chocolate can put together my sweet babies baskets that they are so excited about seeing in the morning.

Hopefully tomorrow, husband can spend more time with us than he does with the Army lol. Wishful thinking at this point lol. It's all part of the job - I know. He loves it and in all seriousness, I'm thrilled he's happy. I do, however, reserve the right to bitch about said job at least once every few days though LMBO!!

Happy Easter to all who are celebrating.

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