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Monday, March 07, 2005

The Italian Situation...

I about fell out of my chair this morning. As usual, soon after waking, I had my cup of coffee in hand and was sitting in my nice cushy chair watching Fox News. It's my time, so I can get woken up before the babies wake and I can be pleasant Mommy. I'm not a morning person in the least, so this is my morning ritual of sorts. Getting up late and disturbing my ritual makes for a bad day lol.

Now I admit that Fox's morning show gets on my nerves a bit. Therefore, I also check out CNN in the mornings. MSNBC is out. A cold day in hell before I watch Imus in the morning. What an idiot.

Anyhow, I'm jumping from CNN to Fox. I jump from one or the other the minute they talk about Martha Stewart or Michael Jackson. Sorry, these two stories interest me less than a root canal.

I have read about the journalist whose ransom was paid and the Italian Secret Service Agent who was killed by US forces when they failed to slow for a checkpoint. Although my prayers were with the agent killed and his family, the uproar over this had me feeling more and more anger as I read the stories and listened to more coverage on Fox and CNN.

And then, it happened. A Fox newsman mentions that this reporter worked for "Il Manifesto," a communist newspaper in Italy - and I about fell out of my chair.

HELLO? Out of all the news reports I read, all the commentary over the past day that I sat through and only NOW, on MONDAY morning, are we hearing this? Could it be that this communist and her paper HATE the US, DESPISE that we are bringing freedom to Iraq and want to see us FAIL have a little SOMETHING to do with "her story?" Nah. Of course not. That's why none of the MSM bothered to tell us this little tidbit.

This is a perfect example of why I distrust the media. Fifty years ago, when (many) journalists would have NEVER wanted to see America lose a war (as they appear to want so badly today) may have used a headline such as, "Italian Communist Newspaper Journalist Injured After Release." Afterall, back then, our newspapers would have wanted to put this woman's "claims" in the proper light. Unfortunately in today's world, her being a communist and/or reporting for a communist newspaper isn't relevant according to their narrow view.

Well, it is relevant. As Neal Boortz says this morning:

What you probably won't hear today as this story gets played over and over and over. Giuliana Sgrena wrote for a newspaper called "Il Manifesto." As you might suspect from the name, it's one of Italy's communist newspapers. Now hold on a second. I'm not saying that Sgrena got what she deserved because she writes for a communist newspaper. I am saying that it would be illogical to expect either Sgrena or the newspaper she writes for to be at all sympathetic to the situation faced by our forces in Baghdad. Both Sgrena and her newspaper were adamantly opposed to the war in Iraq. Il Manifesto is already accusing U.S. Forces of assassinating the secret service agent, and her partner (whatever that means) says that the shooting was intentional. He referred to the U.S. troops as "imbeciles or terrorized kids who shoot at anyone."


Of one thing you can be sure. The next time there is some controversy surrounding a reporter from some right wing newspaper you can rest assured that the affiliation will be highlighted in virtually every news story. The unwritten rules demand that right wingers always be identified as such, while leftists are treated as the norm.

And They Want Apologies?
Well here's a concept. I WANT APOLOGIES FROM THEM. They have just given TERRORISTS one million dollars to secure the release of this ONE journalist. And while communist or not, I'm thankful she's out of the hands of terrorists and home safely with her family, the fact that the Italians have just given the dwindling TERRORISTS (sorry, insurgents is just a ridiculous word for those TERRORIZING the Iraqi people) an extra MILLION to fund the murder of innocent Iraqi civilians and coalition troops is DESPICABLE.

So the next huge car bomb that goes off killing 125 people or more, instead of this journalist and others demanding to know why AMERICAN FORCES are not providing enough security, maybe we demand to know why ITALIANS ARE FUNDING TERRORISTS SO THEY CAN KEEP MURDERING.

When my husband is back over there and God forbid is mourning more lost friends and co-workers, I'd like to ASK the Italians how it feels to have funded murderers so they can keep murdering.

These type of people hold signs up saying our forces are murderers, they kill women and children. However, THEY are the ones that give large sums of money so these terrorists can keep buying the explosives and weapons that CLEARLY kill innocent women and children.

I don't believe this reporter's story for one minute. The latest version I heard on the news earlier is that a tank rolled up next to them and started firing, that they weren't near a checkpoint. Well here's a concept you IDIOTS. IF you are going to fund terrorists to get the release of a hostage, at least give our forces the heads up so when you are speeding up on one of our checkpoints we don't mistake YOU for the very folks you are funding and open fire.

Our troops did nothing wrong. The "victims" can blame only themselves for the outcome of their funding of terrorists.

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