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Monday, February 21, 2005

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Well, it's been quite a long time since I updated my blog. Figure today is as good a day as any.

Lets see - what's new?

I guess the biggest thing is Mr. Meticulous decided not to retire. I'm relieved quite honestly. It was apparent once he returned that despite what he said, despite doing up the paperwork and walking it through the chain of command - he was NOT ready to say good-bye to the Army. The DAY he was taking his paperwork to Retirement Services, the CSM offered him a job. The same job he had in Iraq. Only difference was, the Army was also giving him the promotion so he'd be getting the pay for doing the job this time too. So, here we are :). I guess we have another six years or so lol.

There was a lot of rangling with DA - getting them to agree to leave us here another two years and not move us etc., and once all that was done we were staying an Army family and staying put. I'm ready to move, but this is best for now considering he'd been home around three months when the DoD announced they were already back on the list to head BACK to Iraq for another year. Yea, freaking, me.

Damn I'm dreading going through all that again. The fear - no, the sheer terror. The heartache, the loneliness, the - hell, you and I both get the idea. War is hell on EVERYONE who actually has someone IN the fight. If your loved one hasn't dodged bombs, mortars every night while they (try to) sleep and people shooting at them - all the while you're getting up to the minute news accounts wondering if the one you love is alive or one of the dead, please don't tell me you know what I went through or will be going through again in the months ahead. You have NO CLUE. None. I just hope this time he's not in Ramadi again. Give them a nice, cushy palace somewhere. A place the locals want them to help rebuild or something. I just pray it's not, once again, in the heart of the shit hole of the Sunni Triangle.

I guess that's about all the important news here. There's more, of course, but it'd bore everyone to tears. The purpose of this blog was to document my (many) emotions while he was gone. I guess the next purpose will be to document the (many) emotions leading up to the next deployment - and another year of hell once it begins again.

Well, I'll try to update again maybe Thursday or Friday - now that I found my username and password again lol.

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