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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Day 331 - A Productive Day

Today turned out to be a decently productive day lol. I didn't get started until late, but considering when I did start, I really did get a lot done. Our bedroom of course didn't need much of anything done to it other than dusting and finally getting my perfume moved from the bathroom back to the bedroom. Not sure why, but I've always kept my perfume on my dresser.

My two babies were such great helpers today!! I honestly thought downsizing our son's room would be a problem. He tends to be like his Mommy and want to keep EVERYTHING ha! But, while I worked on cleaning the fan (box fan that desperately needed to be taken apart and cleaned), I told him to start two piles - toys he wanted to keep and toys and things he wanted to throw away. By the time I got in there, he'd made a big pile of both! I was so proud of the way he had determined what was worth keeping and what needed to go. We cleaned out his closet, vacuumed everything, washed windows and baseboards - reorganized his closet and room. It looks so great in there!! His closet it ORGANIZED where you can even walk in there now lol - and all his toys have a place in his room and all his stuffed animals he doesn't sleep with are now on the dresser. We have this little end table the husband and I picked up somehow when we first married. Maybe it was something he brought into the marriage lol, but I can guarantee you I didn't buy the thing ROTFL. Anyhow, I painted it white years ago and it's seen better days. Our son will be getting a new bedroom suit in October probably, so the table will be tossed when we do. It worked out perfectly though, the way the legs are, his books lined up so well between them. On the top of it, I washed his lamp shade and put his lamp on it. I showed him how to turn the dial to turn it on and off. He was THRILLED to have his lamp on the table instead of his dresser so he could turn it on and off whenever he wanted. We had the talk about turning it on and leaving it on - and being sure to turn it off when he wasn't going to be in his room ;).

After that, I vacuumed the baseboards in the hall, around the railings on the staircase in the upstairs hall and vacuumed the hall. Then washed the doors and the baseboards down - then made my way to the bathroom. I cleaned it and organized my makeup and stuff that stays on the counter. The entire time I was doing that, daughter was working on her room. I told her she was old enough to decide what she wanted to throw away instead of making a pile that I go through. That made her feel like such a big girl - and really, these days I honestly feel as though she's seven going on seventeen. She just acts so grown up that sometimes, I have to remind myself she's only seven. She's just so mature for her age. Mother says I was always the same way, but gosh I want her to stay little for a while longer. She's already starting to get interested in makeup and clothes and her hair...*sigh* It seems like yesterday we were watching our new baby sleep while husband and I wiped tears because she was just so beautiful and we couldn't believe we'd been so blessed.

By the time I vacuumed and finished in the bathroom, it was time for supper. So, we called it a day with plans of getting an early start tomorrow. First, we have to get up and go register her for school. Then, we'll come home and get the rest of the upstairs finished and work our way down. I'm hoping to finish in time to at the least get the rest of the downstairs spring-cleaned. I dread taking these curtains down and washing all the windows downstairs. Maybe I'll wait on that until it's really fall lol.

This evening after night night time, a thunder boomer rolled through. Little guy woke up and started crying. I can't stand to hear my babies cry - it makes my heart hurt, but to know they are scared and crying makes this panic thing hit me. So I rushed up as fast as I could and got him. I was carrying him downstairs and daughter asked if she could come with us. OF COURSE goof ball lol - both of them got a laugh out of that lol. Like I'd say, "NO you stay up here and watch the lightening and listen to the thunder while we're downstairs watching TV." Sheesh lol. She's not too fond of storms either and brought the flashlight just in case we ended up needing it ;).

Well, little guy got on the couch, big sister covered him up and he was out like a light. Never heard the rest of the big crashes of thunder than happened. Once the storm moved on, I carried him upstairs. He's so big now, his feet are past my knees - not so easy to carry him up two flights of stairs as it is down lol. Daughter stayed up a while longer and we watched the end of some funny movie. I'd bought myself some new nail polish at Wal-Mart yesterday and did my nails. I ended up doing her toenails and fingernails too - and she was THRILLED lol. We had a really fun time hanging out together just the two of us. With little guy, it's not often that daughter and I just have some us time, so tonight was a nice evening with just the gals ;).

Another busy day tomorrow, but hopefully by this time tomorrow night, my house will be back to the way it usually looks. It feels so good to know I'm almost done with the upstairs!

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