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Monday, August 09, 2004

Day 330 - Bad Start to the Day, But a Good Ending

I woke up to a forwarded email from my husband. The forward was from one of the parents asking when he would be home and - stating they'd like to be here when he got off the plane. They would only stay a few hours after that, as to not intrude. Yeah. Riiight.

Considering both parents came the weeks just before he left for a year, I thought I'd made it clear that upon return, our children would be the focus, not the parents. I'm still burned around the edges over pre-deployment. In three weeks, my babies had to say good-bye to a grandpa and a grandma - and then say good-bye to their Daddy. Our house went from feeling full, to in an instant, crickets chirping. It was a lot for me to adjust to, it was even more for a then six year old and two year old.

I emailed back "it's up to you." And then spent the morning wanting to kick in the computer. Why would someone want to come and "just be there a few hours" when two babies have not seen their father in a year?

Husband called tonight and explained that no, he didn't mean my thoughts on the parent visiting. Instead my thoughts on - well, never mind. The email was sent saying that he hasn't seen his wife or children in a year and we need this time to ourselves.

For heaven's sake. WE DO. WE NEED THIS TIME. I don't understand why parents cannot get that. And, as far as both of them go, neither are on my good side at the moment. I resent the HELL out of BOTH of them not so much as sending a card, much less calling their granddaughter on her birthday a month ago. My baby looking for Grandma's card and never getting it jerks my chain. Grandma makes homemade cards and they usually have neat things hanging off of them and stamps and stickers - and not even a card. "Do you think she forgot my birthday Momma?" No, baby, she must have sent it and it got lost in the mail. I'm sure she'll call you when she can, she's working a lot right now...

Thankfully, daughter hasn't brought it up since. MY parents sent her presents and cards...not to mention my great friend here who came out to celebrate with us and brought Trendy Mom and her daughter too. She had a fun day and a big party.

This morning we (the friend, her two and me and my two) headed out to the big town. I bought a new mirror to hang over the sink in the bedroom. It's antiquish looking and matches well I think. I bought some sheer material - off white/tan color and plan to make the sheer panels for the windows and we'll buy the curtains. We spent TWO hours in the craft store lol and we still didn't feel like we saw everything. They had a lot of things marked down 60%! I almost came out of there putting us in the poor house, but I only bought what we needed ;).

Then we hit the buffet. We grazed for an hour and a half lol. I'm ashamed to admit that I had to undo a button to make it through Wal-Mart ha! Bought the husband some new socks and the daughter three new dresses for school. They are sooo cute! They have the prep-school looking skirt to them (plaid and pleated) - but they are all one piece. We found her a new pair of tennis shoes and a pair of brown leather shoes with a good sole (for the snowy/icy days). With the outfits I purchased her at the PX a few weeks ago (or was it Wal-Mart), a pair of dress shoes and new tights should be enough to get us through fall.

After that, we stopped by the Ford Dealer. I'd found a 2004 Black Explorer with low miles and a good price. Unfortunately, it sold that morning. The sales guy said they were getting a shipment in either late this evening or in the morning. I gave him the info of what I was looking for and the amount I wouldn't go over. He said he thought he might could get me into a new one with some of the rebates and specials on financing. I told him I was stopping by our town's dealership to look at a blue Explorer they had. He said not to sign anything - any deal they gave me he would beat. He said if I couldn't make it back down tomorrow, he'd bring the truck to me. Dh said tonight on the phone - he sounds pushy, beware lol.

We aren't wanting to buy today or even next week. It's going to be finding that perfect vehicle priced at a bargain, some good financing and a good value on the will all fall into place or it won't. I'm willing to wait for the 2005s to hit the lot and the push to get the 2004s out of the way if I have to. The next family vehicle we buy, it's going to be something I keep for six to ten years, so I'm not settling - even on the color. They had a 2002 sitting there on the lot and the doors were unlocked. I opened the door and the interior is absolutely gorgeous! The newer Explorers are wider than the one we's just so roomy! I still miss my Mountaineer - but after seeing the new interior up close and personal, I don't think I'll miss it if I can find that perfectly priced Explorer ;).

We didn't get home until almost six. I got a head start on tomorrow and cleaned out the glasses cabinet, tossed old cough medicine and plastic cups little guy no longer uses. I organized it so well, I was able to move my coffee cups from next to the plates to where the glasses are (which make more sense). I cleaned out from under the sink. It just needed organizing is all.

Tomorrow I'll start upstairs and work my way down. I plan to end the day with cleaning the fridge and stove. Wednesday, I'll spend the day in the yard hopefully - then the rest of the week is mine to sit around and - well, do nothing if I want ;). I like the sound of that...

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