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Saturday, August 07, 2004

Day 326 - A Relaxing Week

I've spent the week doing nothing but sitting at the computer reading all the news and blogs I wanted lol! I even posted a lot on a military spouse site that I frequent, but hadn't had time to post on much the past few weeks. Starting this afternoon and through next week I won't be around much again. I have to get the house fall-cleaned/downsized like I should have been doing this week. I want it done a good amount of time prior to his return so I can relax a few weeks before he does come home and just do a regular cleaning right before he arrives. I also want to have some "me" time to read a book - or now that it's cooled off (hopefully it'll stay cool lol), maybe even work on finishing up that afghan I've been working on for two years lol before he gets home!

I was suppose to be outside cleaning off the porch and cutting the backyard this morning but I ended up sitting on the computer instead. Lots of good conversations about Kerry going on in the current events forum at the website I visit. I wanted to give my good .30 cents lol. And, well - I did LMBO! My biggest irritation factor is someone saying the "Bush Lied" rhetoric and not backing it up. HE DIDN'T LIE. I'm often so surprised at how highly educated folks (especially the ones who ask others to do research) easily carry that one party line. When asked to back it up, these same educated folks post things that have nothing to do with the supposed LIE and think they are "showing YOU" lol. For the record: Bush, (or for that matter not ONE person in his administration) EVER said Hussein had connections to the September 11th plot. Search until your heart is content but, he never said such a thing. Their is ample evidence he did have ties to terrorists and terrorist organizations (even the NY times and WAPO has articles admitting that), the admin did say that - but never said he had a hand in September 11th. Whew, I feel better.

I went to look at a few SUVs yesterday. These people are NUTS. They wanted $25,000 for a Rodeo and the darn interior looks just like it did when we bought a brand new 1996 or maybe it was 1997 model. The only difference was the interior's cloth seats were even UGLIER than they were back then. Anyhow, with it being the exact same, that tells me it's going to ride just like the other - and it would beat the hell out of you on the interstate. It about killed me when I was pregnant and we drove the 12 hours to visit my family. Anyhow, needless to say I told the guy he could keep it. If we're going to have to pay an arm and a leg for a SUV, I'll wait until they put some demos out for sale and get a really good deal on one I actually LIKE. So, I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for good deals this fall once the 2005s come out. No good deals? I'll keep my little good on gas car ;).

Lets see, this afternoon/evening it's cut the backyard and clean the porch - repot some plants. If I have time, we'll clean out the pond, if not - we'll do it in the morning before we start upstairs doing the massive fall cleaning/downsizing. My friend has a relative that is in a tight spot money-wise and has asked for daughter's and son's outgrown clothes. That's such a help to me! I've not donated clothes here yet and hadn't found a local domestic violence shelter to donate them to. With my friend wanting them for her cousin, that cuts out one thing I was going to have to do - find a place to take the bags and bags of children's clothes.

Next week I hope to finish up the house. One day my friend and I are riding to one of the big towns half an hour or so from the house to a fabric/craft store. We are going to go ahead and get our fabric paint to get started on our signs. I'm really looking forward to that. I'm not sure though if the babies and I will do fabric paint or felt. I was thinking of buying a deep blue or maybe red (if I can find it) twin sheet and using red (or blue if I buy a red sheet) white felt to cut out the letters and stars (and the insignia for the division) to glue on to spell out our welcome home messages. Maybe I'll buy one royal blue sheet and one red...hmmm. Decisions, decisions lol. I want to have two though, one to hang up on either side of the porch. Once I get those done, I'll post photos - or email photos.

Hopefully by next weekend I'll be ready to detail the cars and clean out the garage! Ooops, the trash man comes on Thursday, I should probably clean out the garage on Wednesday evening so the garbage guy can pick up everything so it doesn't sit out there entire week killing my grass until it's picked up :(...

So, I guess that's all the news from here. A nice relaxing week - but I stayed up waaay too late most of the week and feel as though I worked my rear off lol. I was determined to go to bed at a decent time last night after driving all over the green earth looking at prices on SUVs. I even turned off one of my favorite movies (Yours, Mine and Ours with Lucille Ball) right at one of the funniest parts (where his children get her drunk when she comes to dinner lol) to go to bed! Woohoo lol. It was sooo cool upstairs and I slept like a rock! Even though I slept so good, it still wasn't enough. I could have stayed in bed a few more hours and the babies didn't even wake up until 8:30 this morning lol.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! The weather is almost fall-like here, so we are really enjoying having the windows open and sleeping in the fresh air at night!

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