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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Day 322 - AUGUST IS HERE!!!! - A Ramble...

July turned out to be like February - months that felt as though they may NEVER end lol. Just finally being out of July is lifting my spirits tremendously! August is here!!! August is here!!! LMBO!! My absolute favorite season is only about a month away!!! I LOVE fall weather and I'm really looking forward to this year's fall! Raking leaves, making lots of soups, working on my afghan in the evenings - and most of all, snuggling with my husband on cool nights when we have the windows open!

Yesterday, the babies and I went on a shopping spree ;). We headed out to the mall after lunch. Daughter and I had our hair cut. I need to take a moment and brag about our son...

Daughter and I were able to get our hair cut at the same time. She was in one chair with a lady cutting her hair and I was in the very next chair with another lady cutting mine. Little man stood next to the counter between the two of us and patiently waited while they cut our hair! He didn't whine, he didn't touch anything on the counter and there were lots of combs, brushes, hair dryers etc. to tempt him lol. He didn't try to venture off or ask if it was time to go... He just stood there quietly and watched the twenty minutes it took the lady to cut my hair. I was so proud of him! After getting my hair cut, the lady took me to the back and ripped hair off my eyebrows lol. I'm finally almost human looking again ROTFL!

Last night I was thinking about how I have just sort of let myself go a bit while he's been gone. It's not that I don't bathe and wear dirty clothes LMBO, but the little things I normally do I stopped doing this year - like having my eyebrows waxed lol or coloring the gray in my hair (hair color upstairs that I'll be using in the next day or so lol).

Normally, while our daughter is getting dressed for school, I also get dressed, fix my hair, put a little makeup on to hide the ugly etc. Since he's been gone, I get up and brush my teeth of course lol, I brush my hair - but I don't fix my hair and put on makeup unless I'm going on the installation that day. The only reason I do so when going on post is in case I run into someone my husband worked with. I didn't want anyone to think his wife was ratty or something LMBO! And, I didn't want someone emailing him saying, "Man, I saw your wife today and she doesn't look like she's doing too good." Even though I'm doing fine for the most part, my husband is the only person's opinion about my appearance I care about lol. Call me old fashioned, but I'm the type of wife who double checks her hair and makeup before starting dinner - making sure I will look nice when he drives up after work. For the rest of the world, I could care less what they think about my appearance lol. I only care that my husband finds me attractive. And, it's not that I care what a co-worker on Rear D might think of my appearance, but I do care that they may mention my appearance to him in a way that would worry him. So even that it's all about him ;). He's just the only person on this earth I want to find me attractive. The only person whose opinion matters to me. Nothing makes me feel attractive like when we're getting ready to go somewhere, I come down the stairs and my husband is standing at the bottom of the stairs waiting and says, "Wow. You look beautiful today!" THAT makes my entire day...even though he says I look beautiful when I'm snoring and drooling LMBO. Yes, he needs new glasses LMBO!!

Lets see - after the mall, it was getting late so I skipped going to Target. My friend that visited said I needed to go to Target to look for accessories for our bedroom. She said they have really good prices and a lot more items to choose from compared to Wal-Mart. I've only been in Target once - and that was when we lived in VA together lol. She'd taken me to Target soon after our daughter was born. Of course, we got there and weren't able to stay long. I'd just had a c-section so walking that far wasn't a bright idea lol. I take that back - I think husband and I went to Target once when we'd taken a trip to Lowes a few years ago. I like Wal-Mart better - they are cheaper lol. Anyhow, maybe next week I'll hit Target and look around. I've decided not to buy anything for the walls or curtains until after he gets home. I will be putting up blinds, but not the curtains to add to the decor of the room lol. That way, we can decorate the room together and it can be OURS, not just something I did.

Back to yesterday lol...

After the mall, we went on to post to get groceries. I decided to hit the Class Six before going to the commissary. We aren't huge drinkers, but he enjoys an ice cold beer while doing yard work and once in a while he'll like a rum and coke while sitting on the porch in the evenings. His favorite rum is Bacardi Le'mon, so I bought him a big bottle of that. It'll last him two years probably LMBO - but I'm slowly trying to get all the things he likes once in a while back in the house so no matter what he's in the mood for to eat or drink, it's in the house waiting on him.

I also hit clothing sales to look around. They had the Blue Star Banner - so I bought one of those and have it hanging on the big window in the living room. On the other side of the house, the dining room has a matching huge window and that window has the yellow ribbon clingy with his rank and name on it. Anyhow, they also had a drill sergeant emblem thing in a clingy (This We'll Defend), so I bought one for his car. I'll be trading in his car here soon for a truck for him, so I wanted the clingy to put on his new truck for him ;).

Clothing Sales had SO many things to choose from in clingys! I purchased a Blue Star one and two that have the big I, a red heart - with MY SOLDIER written in white on the red heart. I'll be putting one on my car and our daughter wanted one to put on her dresser's mirror ;).

Then, off to the commissary we went. It wasn't too bad considering it was Saturday afternoon on payday weekend! Everyone was pretty polite with the exception of two people. One lady was polite, but damn if she didn't walk off and leave her cart right in the middle of each darn aisle. These days they seem to have so much crap in the middle of every aisle you can barely get down them - so throw an abandoned cart in the middle of an aisle into the mix and you can forget getting through. Then there was the man who apparently thinks he's above having to wait in line to get checked out. There was NO line when I went through the maze to make it to the stopping place until they tell the next register to go on. The little electronic voice said to proceed to register three. I start making my way to register three when "I don't have to stand in line" man came from out of nowhere and got to register three before me (insert mad face here). I got in the next register's line...and the cashier - since her registers number hadn't been called sort of gave me a "look." I was sure to say it loud enough for the idiot who didn't wait in line could hear, "I'm sorry to just show up, but apparently he isn't aware you STAND IN LINE and wait your turn, not just come around the barriers and break in front of people." He looked over the candy displays and I glared...he said nothing lol. Probably a good thing. By this time it was close to 5 and we were hungry and tired. I guess the look on my face told him what I thought of him LMBO. Anyhow, it really wasn't a bad experience in the commissary which was quite surprising considering the circumstances! I bought a ton of groceries to start stocking up again...and hopefully I can forgo another trip until next payday!!

What else happened yesterday....

OH!! My husband and I have wanted to buy a swing for our front porch since he took down the half screened in portion and we got our entire front porch presentable lol. I just couldn't bring myself to part with $100 for a 4 foot swing though. When my neighbor sold her house back in the spring, I asked her if she was taking her swing with her and she said no - they were leaving it for the new owners. I told her I wished I'd thought about it, I would have bought the swing from her before they started showing the house lol.

Well, one day last week my daughter noticed the new neighbors had taken down the swing and put up a new wicker swing. When we were leaving yesterday, I saw our new neighbor out. I asked him if he'd be interested in selling the old swing. He said, "No." I thought - well, darn, he must have tossed it or something. Then he said, "I'll be glad to give it to you though!" Gosh our new neighbors are so sweet to us! I told him I could not just take the swing - at least let me give them $20 or $30 for it. He said he'd hear nothing of the sort, that it needed refinishing something awful and it's just sitting in their garage and he'd give it to me when we got back from shopping.

Last night, I got the babies to bed and sat down to call my Dad. We'd been playing phone tag all day ha ha. Well, we weren't on the phone five minutes when the doorbell rang. Guess Daddy and I will have to try to talk next weekend lol. It was my neighbors and they'd brought the swing over. He had come over before I'd primed the walls in the bedroom and wanted to see the finished product, so he and his wife came in and I showed her around. I'm really looking forward to my husband meeting them. They are an older couple and just so extremely nice. This weekend, I plan to buy some apples and make them an apple crisp to take over as a thank you. They've helped with my yard when the back was too high my mower couldn't make it through there, he's always so sweet to my babies when we're out in the yard...and now they've given me this swing. I want to do something really nice for them as a thank you for all their help!

I find it funny how my mind works sometimes. I could have sworn that swing was white for some's not. It's just finished wood and does need to be sanded and refinished. I'm debating on whether I want to refinish it natural - or if I want to paint it.

I'd like to make us a family logo. I know, that sounds so stupid, but I've seen where people have their last name's first initial done in a specific way - and have that as a theme throughout their home. I thought I could paint the swing white, come up with a logo of sorts for our last name and stencil it on the back of the swing. Make another one out of wood using a jigsaw I have my eye on buying lol and hang it on the gate to the fence. And, a really neat idea I had was when we refinish the floor in our foyer, having the same design stained inside a medallion of sorts on the wood floor - right in the center of the foyer under the chandelier. I've just always been sooo proud to have my husband's last name. I really want to come up with a fancy logo for the initial and use it as a theme throughout our home and yard... Ok, so maybe that's a stupid idea, but it sounds neat right now lol!

Ok, there's the ramble for the day. Today's big plan is to clean the front porch and start getting the outside ready for his return. I really want the porch and backyard to look beautiful when he gets home. I think my friend that lives near the installation is going to ride out today and hang out with us some. Tomorrow evening, the babies and I are heading up to her house. I'm going to bring some deli meat for sandwiches and we're going to have a quick/easy dinner together and then go to the FRG meeting afterwards. We'd originally planned to go out to eat together, but we've both decided we are NOT eating out again before they get home. We're both ashamed to admit to how often we eat out these days LMBO and are trying to curb the habit lol.

I'm off to put on some yard-work clothes, then we'll have some lunch before heading out to do some yard work. I hope you all are having a great weekend!! Our fall-like weather is long gone now, so I'm not sure how much we'll get done in this heat lol.

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