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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Spiders - Where's my gun!!

I can deal with mice. I can deal with a lot of stuff - but bugs and especially spiders, I draw the line.

This morning, our son is having a "pretend birthday." Big sister used construction paper yesterday to wrap up some of her old toys to give to her brother so he could have a pretend birthday party today ;).

Well, they were in the foyer unwrapping the presents after breakfast when my son screams SPIDER and runs in here about to cry. I got my shoe and figured, little bitty spider. Yeah, right.

There were about 10 construction papered presents under the table in the foyer. I start moving them one by one. Each one, I ready the shoe to squish the offending crawly thing. After each one, I'd convinced myself that he must have seen a shadow, not a spider.

That is, until the pink stapled present that I picked up and a spider the size of a tarantula came running out from under it. I screamed, smashed him with my shoe and he took off running for our son. I yell MOVE - and squish him again. This time he's down for the count I think, and to my surprise, the bastard tries to get up and go again. I smashed him a third time, got a tissue and came back, got the spider and then put it in the toilet to flush. At the rate we were going, the damn thing would have woken up in the trash and came looking for me tonight while I was snoring lol.

I can't wait until he's's his job to kill spiders lol. I'd prefer to get my 38 out and shoot them from a safe distance. Of course, then I'd have even more crap to repair in this old house, but at least I would not be close enough to see the eyes of the legged thing (shivers). I HATE spiders.

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