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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

I'm DONE!!!!!!!

I can't believe it, but I am finally done painting!!  I finished up around 10 pm and then had to cart down a lot of stuff - take the trash out for the garbage man tomorrow, so it was 10:30 when I finally sat down. 

I'm officially completely and utterly EXHAUSTED.  Our daughter's room is just like our room with the alcove.  We had to replace the ceiling in the alcove in her room- but other than that it was the same job pretty much.  It took me three months to do her room...and I've just done ours in what - ten/twelve days?  I'll have to go back and see when I started this project.  At any rate I'm completely worn out, sore - filthy blah blah blah.

Tomorrow I'll cart down some more stuff.  Rip out the little bit of carpet in the closet, then get a bucket full of hot soapy water and wash those floors really good before I wax them.  I will also be cleaning out the window sills and caulking.  Hopefully by 4 tomorrow evening, the room will be ready for furniture!!!! 

I've got to move our old dresser out of the upstairs hall though.  No way they can get the new furniture around that thing.  I figure I'll put it in the Army room, then move it back once they get done. 

Depending on when the furniture comes on Friday, we'll be going to Wal-Mart to get some sheets and pillows for the new bed!!  I also  plan to get some new petunias to put in the urns out front.  I've been so busy I've not watered them and they are burned to a crisp.  Now that I am going to have some free time next week, I'll have time to water them every night lol. 

I'm so RELIEVED to be done with the damn bedroom.  I'm still sort of shocked I'm done.  The trim took three coats - the walls took two coats, some places a third coat.  The only thing I have left to do paint wise - are the windows.  This weekend when it cools off from 105 to upper 80's, I'll take them out back, sand them down really well and then paint them.  Because of the lead worries, I'll be doing it without the babies around and have to do the take the clothes off in the basement so not to contaminate the house - then shower, then put on clean clothes and wash the sanding clothes separate.  Until my babies are older, lead is a real concern when it comes to renovating, so I play it safe and take no chances.

Well, guess this is all the news I have.  I can't believe tomorrow is already Thursday!  I'm so glad!!  The previous two weeks I thought would NEVER end and this one has just flown by!  If all the weeks will go by this fast until he comes home, life would be perfect lol!

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