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Sunday, July 25, 2004

Day 315 - Not So Relaxing...

Last night my phone rang.  I figured it was my husband.  He'd said he was going to call.  I answer and it's one of my friends.  We've been friends for about a decade.  We've not seen each other since Christmas 1997 when they moved to Lousyanna and eight months later we moved to Alaska.  From there they went to Germany and just recently moved about six hours from us.  She calls and says she's coming up here tomorrow and spending a few days.  Now, I'm excited to see her, but I'd planned to take the next few days after the darn bedroom project and just relax.  I need to cut grass, I want to clean out closets and drawers.  I wanted to clean out my fridge and freezer, cabinets in the kitchen and put my new glasses I bought away.  Now, I'm waiting to hear from her to see what time she is leaving.  I'll need to go to the grocery store, I need to mop the kitchen and clean bathrooms.  I need to cut the grass - but I don't want to get out there yet, afraid I'll miss her call.  Ughh.

So, I couldn't sleep last night worrying about what all I'll need to get done before she arrives.  And not knowing how long she is staying, I don't know how much groceries to buy...just more stress that I really didn't need right now lol.  My week of no stress has turned into having stress LMBO. 

I finally went upstairs to go to bed around - gosh it was after midnight.  I'm so used to sleeping on the couch, I'd go to roll over and think I was going to roll off the couch LMBO and jolt myself awake lol.  Then, I'd realize I'm IN the new bed, roll over, and it'd be soooo comfortable, I'd sigh out loud LMBO!!!!  The dogs were really good.  I didn't let either of them on the bed and they both found alternative sleeping arrangements lol.  Big dog slept with ds and little dog - I'm not sure where she slept.  Tonight I'll be taking her small bed upstairs and putting it in our room so she can sleep in it.

At any rate, I'm hoping my friend will at least call this morning and let me know if/when she's leaving.  That way, I'll know when to expect her.  I guess I'll start my late spring cleaning the first week of August instead of this week lol.  It sure feels like fall/spring here!  With no windows in my bedroom, the babies came in there this morning and said it was FREEZING.  "Aren't you cold Momma?"  Momma didn't even open her eyes, she just stretched under the covers on the nice, soft mattress and said, "Not under the's toasty warm." LMBO!!  A favorite phrase of Grandma that makes our son laugh ;).

Hopefully tonight I won't wake myself up every time I roll over lol.  Amazing what a year sleeping on the couch will do to you lol.  Other than that, the new bed slept great!!

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