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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Day 313 - Waiting on Furniture

I finished everything in the bedroom around 9 pm tonight.  I started a little late this morning, so I ended up having to work a little later than I anticipated tonight.  First thing I did was get the rest of the tools, primer, paint, paint brushes et al out of the bedroom.  Then, I ripped out the carpet in the closet.

I guess the good news is I'm not nuts LMBO.  Last week I had this "thing" happen where my shoulders felt as though they were on fire.  Like the skin was burning on the inside.  I'd get burning up hot - then get chills.  It's what I'd imagine hot flashes feel like.  It was so bad, I didn't sleep at all last Thursday night.  I tried to lay down on Friday night and it was still going on and I couldn't sleep.  I called Mother and she said to head up to the UCC (Urgent Care Clinic).  I did and after waiting forever - burning up one moment, freezing the next, a PA finally came in.  I went through what all I had done the past several days from ripping out carpet to cutting the grass.  He asked if I saw mold anywhere and I said no, but one small area in the floor looked as though it had slight water damage.  Long story short, he said I was probably having an allergic reaction to something and to give it 48 hours and it should stop.  Gave me two sleeping pills.  In 48 hours, after being able to sleep both nights, the burning was gone.

Fast forward to today.  I guess it's a good thing I left that carpet in the closet.  I was for sure that the burning was anxiety and I was finally going off the deep end lol.  I rip out the carpet in the closet this morning and carry it out to the trash.  I didn't even think anything about the burning issue.  After I ripped out the carpet, I immediately started cleaning the windows and the  storm windows (they were so nasty).  Two hours later, I take a break and notice that my shoulders are tingling.  I figure I'm just tired from working my rear off all week and my muscles aren't wanting to keep up.  An hour later, my shoulders are on fire again.  That was around 1 pm this afternoon.  It's now 12 hours later and they are still burning.  It's not as bad as last week, but it's burning.  Thankfully it was only a small area of carpet and padding to carry out.  The only thing I can think of is there is something in that carpet that my body can't handle.  The cleaners I used today I didn't use last week - and I've used the same ones for years.  The bedroom is finished, I get my new furniture tomorrow, we're going shopping in the afternoon - Saturday my friend is coming out and then I'm taking her and her children out to eat at Pizza Hut for a thank you for helping me last Sunday.  I'm not stressed in the least!  I actually haven't felt this positive emotionally in a long while.  Like I said, I'm glad I was in a hurry the day I ripped out the carpet and decided I could do the closet later - I needed to get to painting.  Had I not, I would have always assumed that the stress and anxiety of trying to finish in time made my body act crazy.  Now that it's going on again - the carpet seems to be the contributing factor. 


Lets see, the bedroom is COMPLETELY done and waiting on furniture.  I cleaned the window sills, used razor blades to clean the paint off the windows - cleaned the sink in the bedroom (odd I know, but it's a common thing in this area to have a sink in one bedroom for guests).  Then, I swept the floor, mopped (stopping to scrape off dots of paint I apparently spilled here and there and everywhere lol).  We stopped for dinner, then I went back upstairs and started waxing the floor.  Waxing a floor by hand is NO fun lol.  I kept hearing the Karate Kid saying "wax on, wax off" LMBO!!  One coat of wax added a little shine to the floor.  Before I knew it, I had decided two coats would look even better lol, so I added a second coat.  I let it dry and went back to buffing it with a soft dry cloth.  The floor isn't perfect, but it now has a smooth feel to it when you walk on it.  Before waxing it, your feet wouldn't slide across the floor at all.  After waxing, in socks you could slide across the floor like Tom Cruise in Risky Business if you wanted to lol.  It's not as shiny as I'd like, but it's protected now and it looks better all clean and dust free ;).

While I was buffing the second coat, my husband called.  That's THREE days this week we have talked!  It has truly been a wonderful week being able to talk with him so much.  I sort of feel as though we've finished the bedroom together since three nights I worked while talking to him (trying to paint and hold a phone is not so easy for me lol).  He's so excited to see the furniture in there.  We'd gone to the local furniture store while he was on leave a few weeks prior to finding out he was deploying for a year.  We really liked this one bedroom suit.  It had a headboard, footboard, dresser with mirror and a tall dresser.  Well, we never went back to buy it.  In December, husband emailed and said to please go buy the bedroom suit before it was purchased by someone else.  So, I did - I put it on layaway because the bedroom wasn't finished and I didn't have anywhere to put it.  At any rate, it's been so long, he can't remember what it looked like lol, he just remembers that he really liked it and he measured to make sure it would fit in our bedroom.  We both thought the bed was a full size and it turns out it is a queen.  I'm praying it will fit better than the king...

Tomorrow, it's clean the house day.  For a week now I've sort of let things downstairs go while I finished the bedroom.  Now, I have time to really clean the downstairs.  It's odd, I know, but I'm really looking forward to it  AND cooking dinner!  I mean real meals - not quick, hurry lets eat so I can get back upstairs and get to work.  I'm so relieved that bedroom is finished, I feel as though 200 lbs have been lifted off my shoulders.  I told my husband tonight, I cannot wait to take a shower and crawl into that new bed.  I wasn't planning on sleeping in it until he got home, but the couch is killing my back.  The thought of that soft pillowtop mattress just makes me imagine getting a great night's sleep!

Ok, it's late.  I better get to the couch.  Tomorrow is another busy day ;).  I'll be sending photos of the bedroom tomorrow after the furniture arrives!

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