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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Day 311 - Today is the day??

I'm truly hopeful that I can finish the painting in the bedroom today.  PLEASE let today be the day lol.  I'm so tired of painting I could scream lol.

Yesterday I worked ALL day and up until midnight.  I had planned to finish the first coat on all the trim, but by midnight, my body and my energy level said forget it.  I packed it in, took a shower and was out like a light until 8:30 this morning.  I'm still tired and my body is sore, but I'm so close to being done.

I have the wall facing the drive to put a second coat of off-white on the trim, then I have the wall where the closet is to put two coats on the trim.  Once I'm done with that, I can paint the rest of the alcove's wall and behind the door.  I figure, worst case scenario, I'll have to work until midnight again tonight....then tomorrow I can spend the day cleaning everything. 

I'll be so glad when this bedroom project is FINISHED lol.  It's the fastest I've ever done a room...and my body is hating me for it.  It sure will be nice when it's done though.  Everything always feels dirty to me in this house until I redo a room.  After 50 years of no one cleaning very well, no matter how much I scrub something, it still feels dirty.  Our bedroom was the worst.  The blue/green color just looked dirty to me.  Now, the trim is white and shiny, the walls have a deep color on them...everything FEELS clean (except the floor that I will be getting to tomorrow hopefully lol) and I know we are going to sleep sooo good in there!

Last night, he called AGAIN!  I told him, three nights in a row - it's the most we've talked in almost a year!!  We joked a lot on the phone and it felt so good to laugh.  Gosh, it'll be so nice to have him home where we can talk like that every day!!  If I can just stay calm about the convoy out.  I think about it and start having the beating heart thing...please keep them in your prayers that everyone makes it safely out of there.  We're getting so close.

Well, since we woke up a bit late, I'm getting a late start.  I better get to work.  Hopefully tonight I'll have pictures to share.

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