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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Day 310 - Another Full Day Ahead

Unfortunately, I ran out of steam and paint close to midnight.  I was almost finished with the one big wall in the alcove when the last of the dark plum ran out.  I cannot believe a gallon would not do that entire room.  A gallon covered our daughter's room and the kitchen - guess due to having to put two coats possibly??  Who knows, but a trip to Wal-Mart this afternoon or in the morning will be in order. 
The plan for today is to do the trim.  Surely a gallon of off-white will do all the trim in this room lol.  If I finish early enough, we'll head out to Wal-Mart this evening and get a half gallon of the deep plum and either tonight or tomorrow morning I'll finish the one wall in the alcove and behind the door - and the door.  Wed afternoon I'll rip out the carpet in the closet, get all the tools out of the room, clean and start on waxing that floor. 
Talk about just being completely BEAT. 
Last night I got the babies to bed and started working when the phone rang.  It was husband ;).  I guess since he'd overslept Sunday, he wanted to make up for lost time last night.  We talked for a was so odd being in our room that looks completely different than when we he left - sitting and talking with him.  I told him that I miss a lot of things, but being able to talk to him every day was one of the biggest things I miss.  It's just such a relief to hear his voice (and have I mentioned what a great, sexy voice he has lol?), for us to joke, laugh - and be "together" for just a few minutes...
Gosh I miss him more every single day.  It just does not get any easier and I'm afraid the last part of waiting for the day he's finally home is going to be as hard or harder in some ways than those first months after he left.  As the days tick down, seeing one another again is all either of us can think of.  My goodness - my heart just can't wait to feel whole again...
I was worried about the color.  It's bold - and he's not much of a bold color guy like I'm not a bold color kind of a gal lol.  I emailed photos last night, but when he called he hadn't seen them.  He emailed later last night and said he LOVED the color.  WHEW!!  I'm so relieved.  He says he's redoing our son's room while on leave and I'm not lifting a finger.  Ummm, yeah lol.  Right.  He's officially painted the garage - he has not restored a room lol.  Not that I don't think he could do it, I just don't think he understands what all is involved lol.  I will gladly let him rip all the carpet out of the room LMBO, but I will be helping him get the wallpaper off the walls and repairing all the cracks.  Plus, if he's somewhere I can be - my plan is to be stuck to him like glue lol!!
Back to work I go.  It's 8:30 and the day isn't getting any younger.

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