The Deployment Diary

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Day 308 - Great Friends...

I have some of the most wonderful friends.  The majority of them are online ;).  Right after he deployed, I'd gone to our FRG meeting and met two ladies.  One, I've become really close to.  She's so good to me. 
She called last night and said she was coming out today.  I told her she couldn't lol - my house was a wreck and after last night's decision that half a bottle of liquor would help some anxiety I seem to be having LMAO - I would be in NO shape to be seen lol.  She pretty much said to stuff it, she was coming and would beat on the door until I opened it lol.
She showed up with her two little ones in tow - and all the fixings for lunch.  She brought buns, deli meat, cheese, chips, paper plates, potato salad, drinks for the babies, soda for us...
Truly wonderful.
After lunch, I took her up to see the bedroom.  She'd been here a few weeks ago and saw it as I was stripping the wallpaper.  She said, "Now, I'm here to paint.  You go get a chair, sit and talk to me why I prime some for a while."
I told her there was no way I was sitting while she worked on the *damn* bedroom - we'd go back downstairs and talk while the babies played.  She insisted - so I came down and got the paint brushes and stuff - and we got to work.
I'm proud to report that everything is primed but the three windows that are out (the window facings in the wall are primed).  Tomorrow, the deep plum for the walls goes on...I hope to be able to finish the walls tomorrow. 
Tuesday, I HAVE to get groceries.  It's slim pickin's around here for sure lol.  She's coming back out Tuesday afternoon to help me finish up.  If I can get all the white on the trim on Tuesday, then Wednesday, I can clean the windows, caulk - clean the floor and then WAX the floor.  I hope to put a really good shine on that floor...if my stupid body will cooperate that is ;).
Husband just called.  He usually calls at 7, but it was 8:15 or so when the phone finally rang.  I've been in knots since he'd emailed he'd call, but they had something to do.  He usually doesn't say when he's doing something and under the current level of stress I'm living in, knowing and then not getting a call was NOT good on the anxiety thing I seem to have started up with several days ago.
But, all was well - he'd just overslept and felt so bad about it.  I told him not to worry a bit - just as long as he's ok, it's no big thing. 
We're on the downhill slide.  As the days tick away, it's getting harder and harder emotionally to handle it.  I get so wrapped around the axle and knowing we are getting close, but it's still so far away is making me insane - truly.  The stress is coming out in physical ways now and between my health problems and this new anxiety, burning skin, heart beating so hard it feels as though it will explode et al - something's got to give soon.
Tomorrow is an early day, so I'll close.  Gosh I hope I can get all the walls done tomorrow AND that I really like the color I chose for the walls when it actually goes on lol.  It's a bold, deep color and I'm not a bold, deep color kinda gal...
Till next time...

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