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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Day 303 - It's 0 Dark Thirty and I'm UP!!

I thought yesterday was bad. Our son woke up at 5:30 screaming "SUNDER....SUNDER." Nothing like a blood curdling scream to start your day off with lol. He thought he heard thunder lol. Not a cloud in the sky, so I don't know what he heard lol. The screams woke up our daughter and everyone was downstairs - so I said we might as well get up and get going ;).

This morning? I woke up at 3:00! Yeah me! Three in the morning and for some crazy, stupid reason I'm sitting here. I tried to go back to sleep - but then started thinking about sKerry for some reason, got myself all ticked off and figured - well hell, I'm awake now, might as well make coffee. Ughh.

Yesterday was a darn good, productive day if I do say so myself. I put the tape on all the big cracks in the plaster, put the first coat of stuff on all them. It's so hot up there (was 100 degrees yesterday), it dried fast so I could sand the first coat and put on a second coat! Daughter came to the door and said it was five - so I finished the last two cracks and called it a day.

This morning, I'll start out by sanding all the second coats. Hopefully none will need a third. Several corners needed repairing and those are the hardest - the ones you have to really concentrate to get just right. I'm about out of drywall mud if you can believe that. The husband bought a HUGE bucket of the stuff last year when we were replacing a portion of our daughter's ceiling. Her room had a lot of cracks due to water damage (leaky roof for years), so between her room, the dining room and now our bedroom - we've gone through a bucket of the stuff. Good grief, I dread seeing how much we'll go through to do the foyer and the mezzanine lol.

Back to today's plan...

I'll sand down all the second coat. Then I'll vacuum up as much of the dust as I can. After that, I'll get all the tools and stuff out of the room and start ripping up the carpet. That'll take most of the day I figure. When you are five foot two and weigh in at 100 lbs and the muscle of the family is on the other side of the world - you have to cut it in small strips and carry it out. After I get all the carpet and padding out, I'll have to go through with pliers and pull out all the staples in the floor. Sure to miss ONE and then step on it so I can say ugly words lol.

If there's enough time after I fight with the carpet, I'll take the windows out and put them in the backyard for later tonight so I can sand them after the babies go to bed.

I have to call the furniture store today. I'm going to see if they can deliver it on Monday for me, but if not, then I'll have to climb over all that furniture to get up the stairs lol.

Ok, well - it's now four in the morning. Reminds me of an old Night Ranger song from back in the day, "Four in the morning, came without a warning, everybody's got a place to be." Or, something like that. Been decades since I listened to Night Ranger ROTFL!

Hope you all have a good Tuesday!

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