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Friday, July 09, 2004

Day 299 -Daughter's Birthday Party

The last "thing" to make it through before he returns.

We made it through our son's birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, Valentine's Day, my birthday, Easter, our anniversary, my husband's birthday, July 4th and now our daughter's birthday. There's not another "thing" to measure time by. No more holidays to wish my way through. No other things to dread the putting on a happy face when deep down, you wish you could sleep through the entire day.

We've made it. Daughter's birthday was the last personal holiday to make it through. Seven year ago today, I still had two more hours of labor to endure before they finally figured out after three days of labor, I was not going to give birth naturally. At 6:30 pm, our daughter was born via c-section. Seven years ago...seems like yesterday in some ways and now she is so big.

We got up this morning and picked up her cake. We came home and I vacuumed and dusted before our friends arrived. My friend and another lady I met through my friend and their children came out to celebrate with us. We had a really nice time. And our daughter had a wonderful time and got so many fun things! Her friends were so sweet to her and after pizza, we had cake and ice cream.

My friend wanted me to show trendy Mom (our nickname for our other friend because her hair is always just so and her clothes are really stylish) around the house. So, we all ate in the half finished dining room lol and I had to show them the messy as heck bedroom that has stripped wallpaper all over the floor. Gosh I'll never finish those two rooms it seems like. At any rate, they stayed several hours and we all had so much fun. I'm so lucky to have met such wonderful friends.

Husband called last night to wish daughter a happy birthday. We weren't able to talk long, but it sure was good to hear his voice. Daughter was giggling a lot on the phone...turns out Daddy was singing Happy Birthday Dear Stinky, Happy Birthday to you lol. Since she was little, he's called her stinky for some reason. It's been so long since she's heard that, she thought it was hysterical. When little guy got on the phone he said, "Daddy say something funny like you did to sissy." He wanted to have a good laugh too ;).

So, the last family holiday is now behind us. Nothing else to plan, nothing else to figure out who will watch our babies so I can buy the presents. No more dreading celebrations alone. The next holiday, Labor Day he probably won't be home for, but I can dream ;). The good thing is there is no celebrating here that particular day lol. The next celebrating will be on Halloween and I sure am hoping by then he'll be home and we'll be settled back into our regular life. Gosh I am praying that he's home by then. I'm so ready to share every day with him again...

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