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Friday, July 02, 2004

Day 292 - A Little Productive

Yeah, after weeks of sitting on my butt, I didn't want to wear myself out all in one day. I need a rolling eyes smiley lol. I did get a few things done though.

I got up at a half-way decent time. Not as early as I wanted, but I guess I needed the extra sleep. This staying up until 2 or 3 in the morning is the main culprit of my not accomplishing a thing around here. I'm determined to get myself back to going to sleep at a decent time. Last night it was midnight. Tonight, unless I'm busy doing something productive, I'm shooting for eleven.

It's not as though I stay up for any particular reason. I just put off going to sleep for some reason. After ten months on the couch, I now wake up aching all over from being uncomfortable. I guess ten years of me sleeping on this particular couch every time he's gone hasn't done the thing any favors. I'm really looking forward to us buying new living room furniture when he gets home. What we have has truly seen better days.

I got dressed and we headed to the post office to drop off the bills. As I was leaving, I about ran over my husband's buddy's wife - and no, it wasn't on purpose lol.

When our husbands first left, we met weekly to grab a bite to eat together. About two months into it, I ticked her off by saying the UN was worthless and should be disbanded. Note to self: Germans hate the US and love the UN. Oh well. So, she ended up ending the call rather quickly and I didn't hear from her for a month or two. She sent an email which I deleted and didn't respond to. I wasn't in the mood to try to tiptoe around her with my opinions and listen to her "I hate Bush" crap as I had at the beginning.

Back to today - I almost ran her over as she jay-walked. I waved, rolled down the window and she said, "So are you ever going to speak to me again?"

I said, "You hung up on me, if you recall." Which now that I think about it - that's been a theme of this deployment. See how many people I can piss off enough to hang up on me. Damn I'm on a roll! Go ME!! (again, rolling eyes smiley needed)

She said, "Well, I emailed you." I said, "I never got it." It was about five minutes into another conversation about her husband now being in a different company that it dawned on me that yes, she had emailed but I had decided not to bother with it. So, I guess I lied. Ok, I didn't lie at first, but as my husband would say - perpetrated a fraud by not correcting myself when I did remember. Oh well.

She was really nice and we had a decent conversation. We promised to get together later on for dinner one night before they got back home. This is a good thing. Our husbands are pretty close friends and with both of our families planning to call our small town home after retirement, it makes things easier. We're too different to ever be close friends, but making enemies is not something I enjoy doing. Smoothing this dirt road over before they get back is a positive.

After that, the babies and I went to the court house and got the stickers for the cars' tags. Daughter wanted Chinese for lunch, so we stopped and ate. Then we went on to the pretend Wal-Mart in town. Yes, our town is so small there is no Wal-Mart or even a movie theater. We have a small store that is like a mini Wal-Mart. I wanted to get a few extra paint brushes. They were having a sale on little girl clothes, so I bought daughter a few new outfits. We were also out of construction paper. My two little ones love doing craft projects, so we bought two packages of that too.

Now, we've made our way home. I checked email and had an email from a reporter from Newsweek. She's doing a story on soldiers after they return home and wanted to know if I knew anyone who would like to be interviewed. I emailed and told her I'd be glad to post a notice in our forum for people to contact her if she'd like. We'll see what happens. Unfortunately, my husband hasn't returned yet so I'm no help in that department lol.

Well, I'm off to give baths a little early. My babies want to see the Spiderman movie coming on the Disney Channel this evening, so we're getting baths early. What way we can eat and watch the movie - and they can go to bed right after the movie. That is, if our son makes it that long ;). Normally by 7:15 he's asking to go to bed if I'm letting them stay up late.

Hopefully tonight I can post some photos of some progress going on in the dining room. Don't hold your breath though. My track record thus far suggests otherwise.

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