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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Another Long Day...

My body is stil rebelling. Have I mentioned how much I hate my body and my medical problems? Old house, deployment, broke up body - that equals one miserable woman lol. Two weeks until I see my doctor again - hopefully.

I wake up this morning and have to go to the store so I can write the bills. Out of stamps. I come back home and guess who is loading up that hunk of crap by the garbage? Ah, my friend Mr. Pansy Man.

I now feel deep regret for having vented about him lol. The guy was so nice. I feel like a big huge LOSER *sigh*

He was parked in front of the drive loading the last of it when we pulled up and got out of the car. He said HI and I said, "Sorry about all that stuff - I'm trying to redo a room and tried to stack it neatly."

He said, "You carried all this out here?"

I explained that yeppers, it was either I carry it out or it sit there. The dogs are on strike lol.

He said he'd noticed the sticker on my car. I have a "Half of my heart is in Iraq" sticker on the back of my husband's car. I stopped driving mine at the six month mark because I just felt the need to drive his to be closer to him somehow.

At any rate, he told me about this conversation he'd had with my husband. He'd asked him if would be heading over. He said he thought it wasn't too long after the war started. That my husband had said probably not - their mission was another area of the world and plus he'd be retiring in so many months. He said the next thing he knew was he saw the sticker on my car and put two and two together.

I don't know - just hearing about a conversation someone else shared with my husband made me miss him more somehow.

He was super nice though...Said he had no problem picking up whatever I put out. He said, "If you can get it out here, I can get it in the truck. It was the stuff your husband put out here. I could drag it to the truck, but I couldn't lift it. He's a big ol' guy..."

Now, I don't remember him taking anything to the trash. I'm the house project person, but...hell maybe he did. And if he loaded up something and put it out there, most likely it was heavy. Yes, I feel like a real *bi-atch* about now. That'll teach me.

So, I come in and write the bills. I head back out to cut the grass before it gets too hot. The backyard is already a jungle again. I get the crap lawnmower started, get a quarter of the jungle cut and all of a sudden the muffler thing flies off the damn mower. Have I mentioned the handle coming apart several months ago? I swear it's breaking apart one piece at a time. It's going to meet my 38 up close and personal if it keeps it up.

I cut off the mower. I AM smart enough to know the damn thing will be HOT (worked on cars growing up thank you) - so I go get my heavy garden leather gloves out. I put them on, go and pick it up to scew it back on...and it burns me through the gloves - then I can't get the gloves off and the glove got so hot it burned my hand all the way down as I pulled the glove off...

Yes, I said scew it and came back in lol. We ate lunch. I got in the recliner to rest. I'm hurting SO bad and I do not know how to keep moving while I'm hurting so bad. The babies head upstairs to get something and holler that the cat had found my water in the bedroom and knocked it over...

Five minutes sitting and I'm back up to clean the water off the floor. Said forget it and we went to pick up a few things at the local grocery until next week's grocery day.

Now, we're home. I'm about to go fight with the lawnmower again. Figure it should be cooled off enough by now LMBO.

What a damn day...

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