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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

A Love Affair to Remember...

I've read and heard several people talk about the Reagan's love for one another. Watching Mrs. Reagan say good-bye last week truly broke my heart. There have been several times during this past year I've had my spirit broken while I waited, terrified I may be handed a flag. To watch Mrs. Reagan and acknowledging my own fears, I could not help but to cry during most of the ceremony. Once Taps was played, I sobbed my way through the rest.

After that many years together, I just don't know how you can say good-bye. My heart cannot imagine what it must be like that first time you walk through the front door of the home you shared, knowing they are no longer of this earth. During this year, my mind has often told my heart that no matter how hard life is without my husband home, as long as he is still on this earth somewhere, the blessings will always outweigh the hardships.

As the press and Kerry put the honoring of Reagan behind them and start their assault to ensure the American people make NO comparisons of Reagan and Bush, my prayers continue on for Mrs. Reagan and the late President Reagan. As Mrs. Kerry has her sour, lack of class show through, I look to Mrs. Reagan and Mrs. Bush and am proud to have these strong and loving women to represent our country. Mrs. Reagan's grace and beauty shown brightly through during each portion of the remembrances. Her loving final words to President Reagan, her quite strength and her sorrow for the world to see were aspects of character I wish more people had. She is truly an inspiration and a First Lady in all senses of the word.

I'm sure as with all marriages, they had their ups and downs, but their love kept them on the same life path, going in the same direction, at the same time. I hope and pray the example my husband and I set for our children will be as loving and wonderful as what the Reagans have lived and shared with our country.

Mother said, "Theirs' was a a love affair to remember, much like yours and your husband's." She said his name of course, but I'm not comfortable doing that on my diary until after he's home.

Mother went on to say the biggest blessing in the world is to know your child is loved and cherished by their spouse and she sees that with us. She said that she can see the love he has for me when he looks at me - and the same when I look at him. That neither of us probably realize we're showing it so clearly - even when it is only a glance, it's just the way we look at one another that warms her heart. It makes her know that when her day comes to go home - she can rest easy knowing I'll be safely in the arms of a man who loves me so deeply.

Each year we are closer. Even when I think there is no way we could ever grow more as a couple, our love brings us closer to one another and it deepens each and every year. I feel loved when he looks at me. He doesn't have to say a word and I feel it. When I look at him, my heart beats faster and I often can't help but to walk over and just touch his arm or give him a quick kiss as I make my way to the kitchen for more coffee. It's pure, unconditional love and it is something that I hope my children will someday share with another. That our love affair will be something they will tell their children about.

I truly feel we are living our own special love affair to remember and I am so very blessed...

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