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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Interesting Reading

I've not been online today, so I'm rushing around trying to catch up on some news before I have to hit the hay. I've read quite a few interesting articles though and thought I'd share this one:
The Education of Alexandra Polier
"Falsely accused of having an affair with John Kerry, the “intern” sifts through the mud and the people who threw it.

A long article, but I remember the night it hit Drudge and found it interesting to hear where she was and what she was doing. I can't say her article made me empathize with her too much. I found her to be a bit on the pompous side.

Update:I found this linked from Bunker Mulligan's D-Day entry. It's a must read! I wish Bush could make this speech. The French and their arrogance could use a reminder of reality:

Chirac will be the host, and he will act smug and superior. He will try to leverage the situation for his own benefit. Bush isn't going because he has any great urge to talk to Chirac. I suspect that Bush would much rather visit the dentist than to visit Chirac. As President of the United States, Bush will be in Normandy on June 6 to honor the Americans buried there, and he will have to tolerate humiliation by Chirac to do so. There's little he can do to avoid at least informally meeting with Chirac. He can't be rude even if Chirac is.


I have a little fantasy. I don't expect it to happen. But I imagine to myself Bush delivering this speech, when it is his turn at the microphone.

Sixty years ago, American soldiers fought on this ground to save it from fascism. They went overseas to a strange land, full of people speaking a strange and incomprehensible language, and they fought to save those people from brutal tyranny, and to prevent that tyranny from reaching the shores of their American homeland to threaten the loved ones they left behind. They liberated that nation, and then most of them went home. They fought not to create an empire, but to prevent creation of one.
It's really worth the read, so - what are you waiting for ;)? Go read it!

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