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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Day 282 - A Woman on a Mission

I am bound and determined to finish that dining room this week and get to work on the bedroom. I've wasted so much time doing nothing, I'm on a mission to make every day be productive. My hopes are to be completely finished with both rooms by the 15th of July. I keep hearing that dirty looking little guy in Adam Sandler's move Waterboy, "You can do et!" heh heh.

So as of yesterday, I have the first coat of the stain/poly mix on everything. I called the hardware store yesterday to see if they had the color I'm using (Antique Walnut) in the gloss. It took two quarts of the satin just to cover the doorway, the doors and the wainscoting/plate rail. I thought if I could get two more quarts of the gloss here in town, I could put a second coat of the gloss and cut out an entire coat completely.

The plan was two coats of the satin (gloss use to not be available here) and then a third coat of plain gloss poly to give the room a real formal feel. Soooo, today I will finish the gloss stain/poly mix and if it works out as planned, I will have a week to ten days freed up while it all sets up. I don't want to tape it off too soon to prime and paint the walls and the tape end up messing up my finish. While it waits the week to week and a half, I'll get started in the bedroom stripping off all the wallpaper. Hopefully, by the time the woodwork is ready to be taped off, I'll have the wallpaper off the bedroom walls and be almost finished repairing the cracks on the walls so I can paint in there.

I think the hardest part of the bedroom is going to be the ceiling. In old houses, they put paper over the ceilings and then paint it. The paper on the ceiling in the bedroom has peeled in some places. The thought of standing on a ladder, hands over my head for hours while stripping all that paper off is NOT appealing lol. I figure that will be harder than ripping out the carpet and carrying it from upstairs all the way out to the trash lol.

At any rate, until 4 July, I'm not planning on being on the computer much. Starting tonight, I will be hitting the hay at an early hour to be up and working by 7:30 or 8:00 each morning. We've had really cool weather and rain almost every evening here the past week (it's been wonderful!!), so going to the pool hasn't been much of an option. Here soon, it will warm back up though. I want to get an early start and work until lunch, then make sure the babies have all my time in the afternoon so we can do fun things. Some nights I'll work after they go to bed too, but most nights I want to rest up. This darn body of mine doesn't always want to keep up with the pace I want to go lol, so sometimes my plans and reality are two different things. Oh well, mind over matter right lol?

After today, blogging will probably stop until after the 4th. At that time, I hope to be far enough along in the projects to devote the evenings to updating the blog with photos and details of how the projects are moving along. Hope everyone has a great two weeks!!

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