The Deployment Diary

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Day 275 - Staying Busy

Yesterday I worked on the dining room and around 1:30, put everything away, got changed and took the babies to the pool for the afternoon. It's my fault I was lazy all winter and didn't finish these projects and I refuse for my stupidity to keep them locked in doors all summer. If I have to stay up until 2 in the morning every night to get finished, so be it. My babies are still going to have fun this summer.

Yesterday afternoon, I picked us up something quick to eat and had planned to get out and cut the grass. I was so blooming tired though. Around 6 pm, a thunder-boomer rolled in and thankfully I got out of having to mow ha! Today, as you'll read below, I would end up wishing it hadn't rained so I could have mowed the yard as planned.

This morning I finished up the first coat of stain on the plate rail and wainscoting. We ate lunch and had Little Debbie snacks for dessert. I was just about to get my lazy self up and get busy on cleaning up the kitchen when the doorbell rang. It was my older neighbor two doors down. They are probably in their 70s. Mrs. B said she hadn't seen us out and told Mr. B she was coming down to check on us.

I'm sure due to my grass being knee high, they were worried. I never let my grass get that high - but like last night, every time I went to cut it something would come up. She saw the mess in the dining room which embarrasses me. I don't want anyone seeing the mess I have going on in that room. Her grandson is our carpenter so she knows how long the plate rail and wainscoting have been up and I'm sure she wondered what in the world has taken me so long to finish it.

She was so sweet and asked how my husband was and if we had word on when he may return. Another grandson is at Fort Bragg I believe she said and has just returned from Iraq. She said Mr. B was on his way down to cut my grass. I told her I had planned to do it tonight, but she insisted. When we walked back outside, Mr. B was on his way down the sidewalk with his mower. I asked him not to mow it, it was just too hot and I'd do it late this evening once it cooled off. He'd have none of that and before I knew it, he was mowing. He even cut the horrible backyard that has doggie land mines throughout :(. I'll be looking for something nice for them and a thank you card to hopefully show them how much I truly appreciate them and their help.

I've just felt so overwhelmed lately. Having the grass off my to-do list felt as though someone lifted 50 lbs off my shoulders for some reason. I'm so thankful for my neighbors. They are truly some of the most wonderful people in the world.

Well, I better close. I want to put a coat of the stain/poly mix on the doorway before bed. Tomorrow I have a lot of errands to run so I won't be able to work on the dining room at all until tomorrow night. I at least want to get an idea of how it is going to look. I know I keep promising, but this weekend I'll try my best to get some photos added so anyone interested can see what I'm talking about.

I hope everyone is having a good week!

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