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Monday, June 14, 2004

Day 274 - Thankfully Monday is Here

The weekends are just hard to get through. I'm always so thankful to have another one behind me and be a week closer to the day he finally comes home.

All weekend I worked on staining in the dining room. I'm still not done. I have one wall left to do and plan to tackle it in just a few minutes.

I spent the morning checking in on my favorite blogs and seeing what Boortz had to say this morning.

I was really upset this weekend to see that one of my favorite bloggers had a influx of leftist folks swarm into her blog and leave some of the nastiest comments I've ever had the displeasure of reading. Some of the comments were nothing less than disgusting. It's just firmed my belief that the majority of people who lean far left of center are bitter, mean and hateful. I never can understand how they view the world and honestly their view frightens me. I have lost any interest in hearing any ideas from the far left. Gore seemed to start a movement of hate and the rest of the left was all too eager to follow. I don't want people who hate those who disagree with their ideas running our country and I just cannot allow myself to believe that the majority of Americans feel this way - and act in that manner. Surely Michael Moore and those like him have to be in the minority and Lieberman is representative of what the average American feels. Gosh I hope... At any rate, I said some prayers for the blogger. Even though you know these people don't have a clue as to the person you are, having so many people come in and be that hateful has to hurt somewhere. I just cannot understand what makes people be so hurtful to others - and the fact that they all seemed to be enjoying themselves just disgusted me to no end. May they all be treated as they have chosen to treat her. A woman who is facing life in a foreign country alone - with no family and a husband in a dangerous place where every day is filled with worry for the person they love. Someone who is doing more to support our nation than any of these hateful vile people - and yet they love the fact they can wage insults to try to make themselves feel superior. They are not superior. They are examples of what the worst of our country has to offer and as I believe, what comes around goes around. I hope they all get a taste of what they have dished out and then some. She didn't deserve any of the vile things that were said.

Still in a crappy mood...
My husband called last night. We had a great conversation. We had quite a few laughs and talked about everything under the sun, but I still had to cry here and there when we talked about how much we missed each other. I told him he'd be sick of me after the first few weeks home, that I'd never be able to wear makeup because I'd be crying all the time. He said he didn't care if I cried - I could cry all I wanted. Gosh I love him. No one else on the planet could put up with my tears like he does. It just seems that the longer he is gone, the harder it gets. I just miss him so much.

And I found out he'll get per diem when he returns. It'll be around $1200.00! That will add nicely to the amount of savings I have now! I've saved a ton of money during this year and the jobs I've done. I told him we'll have a great time shopping when he gets home! I want him to buy himself a new recliner and I want to buy us a new couch - one that the seat is really deep so we can both lie down and watch tv together. I'd like to buy a new dining room table and he wants to buy a leaf blower and new weedeater. It's the thought of us being able to go and buy whatever we want that has me saving every penny we make ;). I hate shopping, but I love to go shopping with him.

Well, the morning is now gone. I better get in that dining room and get busy. I worked on it until 2 in the morning last night and plan to do the same tonight too. I've got to get it finished so I can get our bedroom redone too!

Hope everyone has a great Monday!

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