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Monday, May 24, 2004

Week 38 - A Typical Monday

Thankfully, last night - no dreams ;).

Over in Iraq, the internet and phones have been down off and on for the past week. He's been able to email here and there though. He usually calls on these internet phones, but last night they were down, so we were stuck with AT&T. We were cut off three times, but each time he was able to call back. As always, it was so great to hear his voice and just talk.

Today, I was busy online this morning which wasn't my plan :(. I really couldn't avoid the situation. I have known since last Friday that come Monday, I would most likely have to deal with it. I hope I did ok. At the very least, I hope I didn't make the situation any worse than it is (hopefully was).

I put the red stain on the molding near the ceiling this afternoon. Woohoo! After weeks of procrastination, I finally DID something in there ;). The stain says it has to dry for eight hours before I can put anything else on it. Midnight will be eight hours. I'm really debating staying up until midnight and putting a coat of the stain/poly mix over the plain red stain. That way, by morning I can see how well it matches the door facing. If it looks good, then after running some errands tomorrow, I can put the red stain on the wainscoting. I didn't want to even think about touching that wainscoting until I saw how the molding near the ceiling turned out. I'm terrified of ruining the wainscoting and having to paint it or something.

We had meat loaf, mashed potatoes and green beans for dinner. I'd planned for corn, but for the first time in my life I've seemed to run out of frozen corn lol!

I've stopped saving leftovers. We never eat them anyway. So, the dogs ate really well tonight. Their bellies are so swollen they can barely walk lol. They've been out three times tonight ha! I'm sure by morning they both will be begging me at 6 am to open that back door for them.

Little dog is sprawled out here by the computer desk. I went upstairs to check on the babies a few minutes ago and the rottweiler is in our son's room. His room has the air conditioner in it, so she's stretched out in front of it. She was snoring so loud, I don't know how in the world little guy was sleeping through it. I tell you, that dog snores like a man ha!

So, there was my Monday. Now that our daughter is out of school for the summer, I have to keep checking the computer to make sure what day it is. I just can't keep up.

We are down to:
14 weeks
3.5 months
And it is ALL I can seem to think about! I have to stop obsessing over how close it is getting or the time is going to crawl to a standstill!

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