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Monday, May 17, 2004

Week 37 - I've Had Some Good Luck

I've been lazy. Not much of a shock really. Last week about the only thing productive I did was clean my kitchen and bathrooms - and do laundry. Tomorrow, I'll be doing laundry again. Mr. Suave is out of shorts again. Our little one has to hurry up and get out of this stage where he's changing clothes several times a day.

The job folks finally paid me last week! I mailed the check off the next day. When I wrote the bills out on the 15th, it had already arrived at my bank and been deposited. It will be the last time I do any work for them though.

The dining room has been neglected. I just haven't been interested in getting in there to work on it. Around ten this morning, I was on the receiving end of a momentary surge of energy, said I was going to check the news one more time online and then get to work. Umm, never happened ;). I sat right here at the computer most of the day reading my favorite blogs and neglecting my own ;).

The electrician showed last week to get half his payment up front. So, the check for the job came and half of it immediately went back out. Isn't that the way it always works lol?

He was suppose to be back out this morning to update our box to a 200 amp. The one we have has safety issues with no main shut off and it being wired to capacity. No more can be added to it.

We had some bad thunderstorms though, so he called this morning and said he'd try to make it out on Tuesday. He'll also be replacing the wire from the poll to the house, so working outside during thunderstorms would have been counter-productive to his health. If it's raining tomorrow like it's being predicted, he'll probably not make it out until Wed. I'm not brokenhearted about him not showing in the least. I'm really dreading being without power an entire day. Figure it will be a perfect day to tackle the yard if the grass is dry enough though. After all this rain, the grass is already knee high again.

Yesterday we took a road trip to Lowes. I needed to get a ceiling fan for the living room before the electrician showed. When I first walked into the lighting area, I spotted a pewter type fan and thought it was pretty. I looked across the ceiling and saw another. We made our way over to it and in an instant, I was in love. It had more details and the glass for the lights look milky and old world. I had found my fan in record time.

I searched the boxes and couldn't find it. About that time a nice associate showed and asked if he could help me. I pointed out the fan and said that was the one I wanted.

He looked it up in the computer and came back over. He said that the vendors had just been there and that fan should have been removed. They are no longer making them and he doesn't have any in stock. I told him I'd keep looking then.

Of course, that fan was perfect and none of the others I saw came close to being as pretty in my opinion. It looked as though it would be a perfect fit for our living room and no matter what color we ended up painting this room - it would have still looked wonderful.

After another twenty minutes of looking, I was about to settle on one of three that I'd found to be halfway decent. I was let down really. None of the three came close to how much I had liked the pweter one.

About that time the associate came back and asked if I had any luck. I told him not really. He asked if he got someone to help him pull the display down, would I be interested in buying it. I told him I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

Off he went to get a ladder on wheels and another person to help him remove it. The babies and I went to the garden area to kill some time until they were finished. As shocked as I am about it, I didn't find one other thing in the entire store that I just HAD to have lol. I usually have to talk myself out of buying several things each time I visit Lowes ;).

So, we go back by lighting and put the fan in the cart. We make our way to the checkout. This is when more good luck graces my presence ;). The ceiling fan was $186.00. When the cashier rang it up, this particular model was on sale for $130.00. Once I paid, the register spit out a $20.00 rebate for me to mail in and get a $20. Lowes gift card. Woohoo! I ended up saving $70.00!!

Well, there you have it. I've been lazy. Mostly sitting in front of the computer reading. Tomorrow is Tuesday though and I refuse to have another week pass by where I accomplish nothing in this old house. I hope tomorrow, motivation finds me ;). After staying up this late though - the chances are looking slimmer by the minute lol.

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