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Sunday, May 23, 2004

Too Tired to be Productive Today

After staying up so late last night and then being up within an hour of going to sleep - I'm dragging today.

I'm not sure if I mentioned the electrician came this week. I know I mentioned the ceiling fan. At any rate, my husband has been worried since he left about me having the electricity updated. I promised him I'd take care of it. The breaker box downstairs was small and maxed out to where nothing else could be added to it. It didn't have a main shutoff either. The meter on the outside was so old, the wires were still in CLOTH lol. It was time to update it ;).

At any rate, it rained Monday and Tuesday. The electrician was here Wednesday and Thursday - and Friday was the last day of school and a scorcher. I decided Saturday we'd go out early in the morning and get started on the yard.

After breakfast and getting everyone dressed, we finally made it out around 10 yesterday morning. It took me from 10 until 1 to get the yard cut. Not weeded or anything, just mowing the jungle. The grass get so high so fast these days.

We came in for lunch and stayed in until 3 or so. Then headed back out until 5 to clean up the lawn mower and sweep the sidewalks and drive (the part I dread most). All three of us were soaked from sweating, so before I even considered cooking dinner, we all went up and got our baths. I think I washed ten pounds of dirt off the three of us.

Between the busy day, staying up late waiting for the tornado watch and the storm to pass and then the dream - I don't think I was able to go back to sleep until almost four. The babies were up at 7:30, so of course I'm up at 7:30 lol. I'm so beat!!

From sitting on my rear all winter, it's no surprise I'm out of shape. My shoulders, legs and arms are sore from the yard work yesterday. That's pretty darn sad. Oh well, hopefully I'll get some muscle out of all this lol. I've gotten a little on the soft side lately.

I did get an email this morning. Not a better way to start the day these days ;). We probably won't get our weekly phone call this week. The phones he uses are down and the last time he tried the AT&T phones, it would never put his call through. I'll keep the phone close just in case though.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!!

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