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Monday, May 03, 2004

Prisoner Abuse

I had not planned on commenting. Many other people are writing about it. Many who know much more than I. However, I saw a press conference this morning that was pretty disgusting. I'm so mad over this I figured I'd use my blog for what it was intended for - to help get my emotions out instead of keeping it all inside.

First off, I want to see people punished severely for this. These animals will get soldiers still fighting in Iraq killed for the actions they are guilty of. They should pay for those deaths with their own lives. I would not mind seeing them executed. I want an example made of them. There is NO excuse for what happened in that prison.
7 More U.S. Soldiers Reprimanded for Abuse

six of the soldiers - all officers and noncommissioned officers - have received the most severe level of administrative reprimand in the U.S. military, a military official said on condition of anonymity.

The official said he believed investigations of the officers were complete and they would not face further action or court martial. However, the reprimands could spell the end of their careers.

You know what? This isn't good enough. This is ridiculous! A letter of reprimand that "could" spell the end of their careers? Boot their sorry tails out of the military TODAY. They should ALL face jail time. I don't care if they were looking the other way or the ones perpetrating the offenses - they ALL should pay a hefty price for the lives that will be lost due to these incidents!

The officers get letters of reprimands and the soldiers they are responsible for will get jail time? Is that what the plan is? This is called sweeping it under the rug people and we should NOT stand for it. What this group of idiots has done to our country is treasonous in my opinion. They have done more to harm our efforts in Iraq and the safety of our troops in that entire region than Al Jazeera could have done with their reporting in a full year. They should pay for this with their lives!
Command Errors Aided Iraq Abuse, Army Has Found [warning: The descriptions of the crimes are quite sickening]

The Taguba report, as well as other documents seen Sunday by The New York Times, also reveal a much broader pattern of command failures than initially acknowledged by the Pentagon and the Bush administration in responding to outrage over the abuse at the Abu Ghraib prison.

It appears that these soldiers were not the only ones failing the Army and our country. These soldiers should not be the only ones paying the price for what went on in that prison. Administrative action? I'm sickened.

What the hell is wrong with the Pentagon? Each day it appears we have more and more idiots and weaklings running the show. They have a portly bearded idiot cleric holding a town hostage and cannot get a plan together to take care of him quickly. They allowed this idiot to go from an irritation to a full-blown problem. We're sitting outside Fallujah saying one thing one moment, doing the exact opposite of what we say the next moment. There is a place for diplomacy. That place was before this town became a household name by BURNING people alive and these animals beating and hanging scorched corpses from bridges. The weaker we look people, the more troops will die over there. And right now, if we're looking weak to this Army wife, just imagine what we're looking like to those who want us dead? And now, we can't do anything but slap the hand of people who lead soldiers and allow them to abuse prisoners? I'm outraged!

The other evening I heard the mother of a SGT involved in this. She said something about him not being trained in the Geneva Convention even though he asked repeatedly. The guy is a prison guard here in the states. Does Mommy realize how stupid she and her son sound? His defense is he didn't know the Geneva Convention, so it's not his fault his actions were disgusting, criminal and abusive? Ok, then lets blame Mommy for not teaching her son how to be HUMAN!! I don't know squat about the Geneva Convention. I know nothing about detaining and caring for prisoners. However, even I know what they did was disgusting, inhumane and despicable! How anyone could witness this - much less stand there with a damn cheesy ass grin on their face and pose for pictures is SADISTIC!!! Lady, don't waste your breath. I'm not buying the load of crap you're trying to sell. Your son should be thrown UNDER the jail.

I don't care if a General himself walked in and said, "You make these prisoners appear to be masturbating. Strip them down naked and make them climb over each other and make pyramids, make them simulate sex acts." I would have said NOT on your life buddy. Kick me out of the Army, I'm NOT doing it.

I told my MIL yesterday when we were discussing this the same. I told her there's no doubt in my mind if I were over there, I'd have no problem killing someone if it was me or them. I wouldn't think twice about it. It's war and me killing someone trying to kill the me and the people I work with would be part of the job. However, there is NO WAY I could abuse a prisoner - orders to do so, lack of training - whatever the excuse, I could not and would not stand for it. I just couldn't treat another human that way...even one that might have killed a buddy. I could see me possibly roughing someone up in the heat of the moment if I didn't keep a firm grip on my temper if they'd just hurt or killed a friend, but what these pictures portray? Never. I couldn't do it and I could NOT look the other way and not report it to someone if I saw it going on. If I had to get my family on the phone and tell them to call our Senator or something to get someone to listen to what was happening - I would NOT look the other way. It goes against everything I am and believe in, it goes against everything that I know about the Army AND our country. I would not be a party to something like this and I could never look the other way!! If I did, I feel I would be just as guilty as those responsible!

These people deserve the most severe punishment our laws allow. I'm for prosecuting them under UCMJ and then bringing them all up on charges of Treason for aiding the enemy. These photos will give our enemies another reason to fight. It will bring some into the fight who would have otherwise stayed out of it. These images will be used to recruit more terrorists to bring the fight back to our shores. These people have set back the entire war on terrorism and they should pay a hefty price for doing so.

A letter of reprimand for those officers in charge? Excuses of not being given a copy of the Geneva Convention? Give me a damn break.

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