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Sunday, May 23, 2004

Interesting Weekend Read

Emphasis mine.
War has butted up against the postmodern world—in which enemy armies are expected to collapse rather than to be destroyed. Violence used for humanitarian purposes—ceasing mass murder or state fascism—is deemed by its very nature as amoral. Television editorializes that those who fight in uniforms are killers and those in robes and scarves freedom-fighters—even when the former are seeking democracy and the latter tyranny.

In reaction, all of our recent mistakes are mostly a result of a misplaced sense of restraint and worry over our utopian critics —not arresting or shooting the initial looters, not employing and reforming the existing Iraqi army, pausing outside Fallujah, letting al Sadr reach Mahdist stature, and allowing Iran and Syria easy infiltration into Iraq.

Each time we sought not to mete out terrible justice to a few hundred, thousands more lost confidence in us. Our military has crafted the tactics to win—whether in the streets, desert, or air. But we must unleash them to destroy the enemy first, and, SECOND, therein allow others to follow to win hearts and mind.
A Mixed Report - Grading the War

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