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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

End of the Day Odds and Ends

The only bad thing about school being out is it seems like the days are getting longer. The day sort of went by fast when the afternoon was broken up by picking her up at school. It could also be that I'm constantly thinking of his return. Everything is about him returning. My every thought starts out with the fact there is only (hopefully) about three more months left of this being my life.

More About the Dream
Saturday night I made an entry about an odd dream I had. Sunday evening, he called. One of the first things I did was tell him about this dream and the fact it left me with such an odd feeling. It was so real, it was as if he was really here. And the quilted vest thing with button on sleeves, it was such a big part of it. A small aspect of the dream that stood out in my mind. He said that part was really strange, because (it being 4 in the morning there when he calls) he'd just dreamed it was cold outside and he was wearing that to work in the yard.

Goosebumps. It's not the first time we've done that though. A few times during this, he'll mention a dream he had and some of the details I'd recently dreamed of too. Odd things that just pop up in our dreams out of nowhere, that we've not discussed or emailed each other about. However, we'll both in the same few days have similar dreams or similar aspects to our dreams.

The Dining Room
The carpenter said the molding at the top looked like white pine to him. I guess it's old and I probably should have put a conditioner on it prior to staining. Some of it after it was stripped looked as though it had some chemical dripped on it and the red stain stained lighter there. In other areas, it is blotchy. The stain/poly mix is so much darker, I was sure it would hide some of that. It didn't. Then there's one entire section that was a bit darker than the rest (and it stained beautifully) when I stripped the paint off. It hasn't turned out as good as I thought it would and I was pretty upset as I was working on it. It does look better now that it is dry, but it's still a mess.

While at Wal-Mart today, I found the stain/poly that I use in a gloss! I've only been able to find it in satin, so I had planned to put a coat of clear poly over everything. I'll test out the gloss tomorrow and hopefully cut out one entire step to finishing this room! And, I bought a some of the stain/poly gloss in a shade darker. Since it'll be so high on the molding, I thought a darker second coat might even out everything. On the already darker section, I'll just add a coat of the clear poly to hopefully match it. Cross your fingers please that this half-baked plan of mine works. Otherwise, I have a real mess on my hands and I'll possibly have to start all over on it :(.

I read at Life Happens today that Blogger now offers picture hosting! So, plan on keeping an eye out for some photos! I'll be able to keep everyone who is interested in the progress updated and you'll be able to see the photos of how the projects are going too!

I'm trying so hard this week to finish up this dining room but it's the project that won't seem to end. There's another crack that has reappeared after the crack repair. Only I could have crack attacks that don't involve underwear. Ughh. So, as soon as all the woodwork is done (no way am I cleaning up all the dust again until the woodwork is finished), I'll have to tackle that before I can prime and paint. That's ok, while it's drying I can paint the radiator and clean the chandelier in there to try to stay ahead of the game.

Well, I'm off to sleep so I can hopefully get a lot done in there tomorrow morning. Tomorrow afternoon I'll be working in the backyard weeding that patio. Never a day where there isn't something needing to be done lol, but I can't think of a better way to make the days go by faster!!

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