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Friday, May 28, 2004

Dining Room Update of the Day

Well, the first coat of stain/poly mix you could really see the splotches of light and darker areas on the old molding at the ceiling. I tried the darker gloss stain/poly mix to cover it and it was too red. I'll save it for another project. I tried the gloss of the stain/poly mix that's the same color as the satin. It was too thin.

I went back to the original stain/poly and like an artist lol, I put on a thick coat, being careful to try to make sure it wasn't thick enough to run. I placed the brush almost flat to the wood, using the side of the bristles, put stain on the edge and then carefully covered the lighter areas thicker and then blended with the darker areas.

It took me about three hours to go all the way around the room, but I think it hides the lighter areas rather well. I finished around 5 pm, so it was still wet when the sun went down around 8:45 this evening. In the morning, I'll check it in the daylight when it's dry and see if it needs one more coat before the clear polyurethane. If it looks good, I'll start putting the red stain on the new woodwork. Then maybe tomorrow evening I'll be ready to put the stain/poly on that.

Everything will need at least two coats, so it will take probably eight hours for each coat on all that woodwork. Hopefully at the latest, by Monday afternoon I'll be finished. Then I can repair the two (yes I found another) cracks that keep reappearing and then prime and paint the walls! God willing, Friday after next, I'll be ready to rush upstairs and get to work on our bedroom.

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