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Sunday, May 30, 2004

Day 264 - A Busy Weekend

Yesterday was a busy day. We got up and headed down to Lowes and Wal-Mart around 10 in the morning. I spent too much money at both places, but I think what I bought adds so much to the front of the house.

I purchased three hanging baskets of petunias. Two were fuchsia colored and one is a deep dark purple.

When we first moved in, we had these huge bushes in front of the house. They were so large, the took up half of the front yard. When my husband decided to cut them down (a story in itself) we found that behind the bushes, on either side of the front porch's steps, there were large urn like planters. There is a third on the side of the house next to the steps by the side door. There used to be a large porch there that had columns that matched the front columns, but a storm in the 1930's blew a tree over on it. A subsequent owner built an arbor over the side steps, but we had to take it down not long after we purchased the house. Termites had eaten it to shreds and it was covered in trumpet vines that were large enough for Tarzan to swing on. We were afraid a strong wind would either blow it through the windows or it would wind up in a neighbor's yard lol.

Back to the planters.

So, now that we know we have planters lol, I have tried different things in the planters. The ones out front get full sun. Last year's first choice of miniature rose bushes surrounded by Alyssum was not a good idea. Within three weeks (watering each evening) they were nothing more than dried out sticks. Then I put in some petunias that weren't mature. Forgetting to water them didn't help. They were toasted in a week in the 100 degree weather we were having last year in late July.

This year, I saw the hanging baskets and decided the petunias (which are perfect for full sun) would look beautiful in the planters. They were very mature and once I put them in, the flowers cascade down the sides. The fuchsia looks beautiful against the white planters. The planter on the side is in the shade, so I'm a bit worried about how the deep purple one will do. I'm hoping that it gets enough sun in the morning to make it.

I also bought red mulch to put around the bushes out front. I put the mulch from the edge of the steps to the porch down to the edge of the last columns (there are two side by side on each end). I'm thinking of putting some type of flowering bush that will do well in full sun on each end to balance everything out. I'm planning a trip next week to Home Depot to look for two more ceiling fans for our bedroom and our son's (found a perfect one for our daughter's room yesterday). While I'm there, hopefully I can find two bushes that will look pretty on either end of the porch.

Our flags were a year old and starting to look their age. I bought two new flags and put them up. I also moved the flag on the front of the house. It was over one of the planters and put shade on it, so I moved it down to the end of the porch. OH and I bought a red, white and blue bow to put under my yellow ribbon on our light post out front. We have a colonial style light in the front yard that cuts on at dusk. I thought the bow was so pretty, so I bought it ;).

I guess that's about all I bought. I mowed the front yard yesterday before I put down the mulch. Then I mixed up some of the weed/grass killer and sprayed down all our sidewalks, the driveway and the crack between the sidewalk and our porch steps. We have some pretty big weeds growing up through there lol. In a few days, it all should be brown so I can weed it all out. It worked great on the back patio!

Last night, I called Mother around 9 pm to tell her what all I got done around here. She said to turn on the Weather Channel because some bad storms were near us. By eleven, they were heading right for us. I decided to stay up, since our youngest would most likely hear the thunder and be up anyway.

Sure enough, around 1:45 or so, I heard him yelling. I jumped up yelling up the stairs (so he could hear me over the fan), "I'm coming buddy, hold on." By the time I got up there he was already at our daughter's bedroom door yelling for her to wake up, there was a storm!!! ha ha!

Yep, the wee hours of the morning and we're all UP ha ha. They came downstairs and we all waited out the storm together and had a snack. It was after three when the storm passed and I got them tucked in and back to sleep. Little guy of course was the first up this morning. He slept until 8 so I can't complain. I'm running on around 4 hours of sleep ha ha. We have some work on the backyard to do today though, so tonight will probably be an early to bed night for me ;).

I hope everyone's long weekend is going well.

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