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Sunday, May 09, 2004

Day 243 - Yeah, it's Mother's Day

On my first Mother's Day, we were moving to Alaska. My husband had just returned from a deployment to the middle east. With him gone, I had to get his orders where they needed to be, schedule movers and everything else it entailed. He returned a few short weeks before it was time to pack up and head out.

We stopped in the south to visit my family on our drive cross-continent. We had a wonderful time. Just being together after him being deployed - and him being able to be with us 24 hours a day while we were PCSing was so great. I remember that long drive as though it was yesterday. Rarely was the radio even on because we were so busy talking. The few times we did turn it on, it was to find a weather report. Through the mid-west and into Montana we ran into some pretty bad storms. The one in Montana - it was huge black wall you could see miles ahead of us. I'd be lying if I said the look of those clouds didn't scare me ;). It truly was a great trip.

That first Mother's Day, we were at my Aunt's house. He gave me a ruby and diamond ring. Ruby is our daughter's birthstone. I rarely wear it, but today after I get done staining woodwork, I might just put it on. He's always been so thoughtful. Today is just another day without him though. Nothing special, just going through the motions until life can get back to normal.

Yesterday, we worked in the backyard all day. It was so hot and I'm now sporting a farmer's tan. The weather said today would be hot and sunny, but thunderstorms likely late this evening. I guess Mother Nature didn't get that memo. We woke up to rain this morning. I've sat around all morning reading online and wasting time. I need to hurry up and get busy around here.

Yesterday was pretty productive though. It turns out that the bush next to the pond is lilac. While it was blooming I had to turn off the pump and fountain because the small petals from the blooms would clog up the pump. It's not blooming now, so I cleaned out the pond and got the pump and fountain going again. The pond is close enough to the back of the house where I can hear it in the kitchen. I love that sound.

I used the weadeater (after going back out to buy some line for it) all around the fence and got that taken care of. I bought us two ferns to put on either side of the front door. I also bought this stuff that kills grass and weeds and sprayed down the entire back patio with it. I'm wondering if now with the rain, it washed it away and I'll have to retreat everything next week. I guess time will tell. The older gentleman at the hardware store said it sterilizes the ground. He puts it on his drive every April and nothing grows until the next year. Another older man walked by while he was telling me how great it worked and also said it worked great. I'm just not sure about the rain so soon after treating it.

So, now it's time to fix lunch and get to work on that dining room. I tell you, I'm so sick of that room I could scream lol. The large picture window in the front of the room has three separate windows within. Maybe I can get a photo of it and link to it to show what it looks like. I have two of those three to finish and then I can start with the reddish stain on the lighter wood. The original woodwork is cherry according to our carpenter. The french doors are pine and the wainscoting is birch. So, I have to put this reddish stain on before I can put the antique walnut so it will have the same red hint that the original woodwork has. It just irritates me that the room was probably all done in cherry originally - and some moron decided that ugly blue green painted over wallpaper under the chair rail and ugly dark blue with flowers in it wallpaper above the chair rail would be more attractive...

I'd love to find photos of this house before anyone touched a thing in it. I'm sure it was quite breath-taking back in its day. Oh well, that's why I found this house. That's why when I looked in the windows I could see past the take it back to its former glory one step at a time. I just wish somedays the steps didn't take quite so long ;).

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there!

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