The Deployment Diary

Thursday, May 06, 2004

Day 240 - That Cat's DRUNK!!, said the dog...

Yesterday was the day. It was time to get our kitty neutered. He had a set most men would be proud of. They had to go...

I was able to bring him home yesterday evening. He only puked once, so that was a plus. Having nothing on his belly was a real plus for Mom here.

Last night the poor baby was so drunk he couldn't walk. The dogs would watch him try to make it across the living room. Kitty would lean, wobble and just lay down wherever he was. Dharma dog would go over, sniff him - then look at me as if to say, "yo - you see that cat? Something's not right with him. I've talked with Chelsea dog and we both think he's drunk. Where was the party?"

This morning he got his dose of pain medicine. He was sitting near the window and I took the syringe of stuff and gave it to him. He shook his head as if it tasted bad - then, slowly sat back down with this "ahhh" look on his face, then closed his eyes...

Right now, he's watching the curtains blow in the wind. Normally, he would be climbing said blowing curtains. This morning though, he's watching them as if they are going to the beat of Pink Floyd's The Wall..."cewwwwllll curtains man..."

Never a dull moment.

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