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Saturday, May 01, 2004

Day 235 - Another Busy Day

Yesterday, I did nothing. Yep, that's right. I didn't do one thing to the house. It felt pretty good actually lol.

This morning, the babies woke up early for some reason. I woke up with my two sweet little people saying, "Momma, is today Friday or Saturday?"

Daughter was confused and didn't know if we were going to be late for school. I stayed up late watching HGTV last night, and in my confusion, I asked what time it was. She said it was 6:45 - and it dawned on is Saturday! We all usually sleep until at least 7:30 on Saturday mornings.

I got them situated with some juice, started some coffee for me - and realized that I felt like I needed to throw up. Not a great way to start a Saturday. I got on the couch and within an hour or so of just laying there and watching some TV with them, I was feeling better. I got them some breakfast fixed, I got myself a cup of coffee and caught up on some reading online.

It was suppose to be cold and rainy today, but around lunch time the sun was shining. I got the babies some lunch and skipped it for myself. My tummy was still not feeling so great. After they ate, they wanted to go outside. I told them I at least wanted to sand down some of the stuff in the dining room and see if anything needed another coat first. So, I sanded and three spots needed a fourth coat.

There's a crack above the window facing our neighbor's house. It was a hairline crack so I didn't use tape. Well, apparently the darn thing needed tape because once the mud dries, there comes the crack reappearing. This time I took the mud and tried to press some by hand into the small crack, then took another coat and smoothed all that out. At last check, it looks like the fourth time is the charm.

Two other places didn't really need a fourth coat, but I wasn't happy with one small place in one corner right above the new plate rail. I decided if I didn't do something with it, that one little spot would drive me nuts for eternity. No one else would have ever noticed, but I would have known it was there lol.

There was another place above the new french doors that didn't smooth as well as I would have hoped. I thought, hell if I'm going to spend this much time, I might as well do it right. One more coat isn't going to keep me from being done by May 1st - today's May 1st and I'm not done lol. So, I took my time and put another coat of mud on those places. I'm planning on sanding here in a few before I shower. That way, if it all looks good, I can start cleaning all the dust up in the morning and get to staining.

After I got the mud on, the babies and I got our shoes on and headed outside. I bought some of the Scott's weed killer fertilizer mix a few weeks ago. I finally thought to put some put down on the grass soon enough after it was cut to work. Our yard looks like a dandelion farm lol. This stuff is suppose to kill that. We'll see how it works.

My husband bought one of those handheld seed spreaders last year. I figured that would work to spread this stuff out. The only bad part is the thing filled up weighed more than I thought it would lol. You hold it with your left hand and turn the little thing with your right. Our backyard isn't huge, but it's not tiny. I would get going pretty good and I'd have to go back to the garage and fill it back up lol. I did get all the areas I'd cut the other day done though.

After I got done with that, the babies and I headed to the front of the house so I could cut the grass up there. So, for now, the entire yard is cut lol. At the rate we've been getting rain, I figure I'll be cutting grass again by Wednesday lol.

Our front porch was so dirty. There were spider webs all between the columns and above the windows. I took a broom and brushed all those down. Then I got all the wicker off the porch and hosed off everything. It's so dusty here, the white porch was a light tan lol. I knew it was dirty, but I was really surprised to see all the dirt that washed off it. I washed everything down and it looked so pretty and clean when I got done.

After that, I swept all the sidewalks down and for the first time this year, I'm really pleased with how the outside of the house looks.

Our new neighbors were out today. They purchased the house next door to us, but it's going to be their retirement home so they only come on the weekends to work on the house. We were friends with the previous owners and the inside is very pretty. I'm not sure if they are renovating or just staying here on the weekends until he retires from wherever it is he works. If I remember correctly, our old neighbors mentioned they were from another town that is several hours from here.

On that side, we don't have much of anything in regards to property. There's a cement line (for lack of a better description) that runs about eight feet out from our foundation. It's in the ground, so you have to look to see it. On the other side of it is a flower bed our previous neighbors had planted. On their side, a railroad tie in the ground sort of corners it off. Well, our previous neighbors had tulips planted along there. They are done blooming now and there are leaves and some trash that has blown into it.

The new neighbors cut the grass every weekend and work a lot in the yard. It was just odd that they were leaving this flowerbed looking like that. I was cleaning the porch and I got to thinking - maybe he doesn't realize that it is their's.

When I saw him out, I said hello and that I had a question for him. He met me out there by the flower bed and I asked him if he knew it was his. He said he thought it might be, but wasn't sure so he had been leaving it alone. I told him I didn't know if he knew it was his, and I didn't want him to think it was mine and I was leaving it like that lol. He said - if you don't care, I'll just mow it all down. I told him that was fine with me ;). That I'd thought about it, but since it wasn't mine I didn't want to mess with it lol. Within five minutes - he had his mower out and the ugly overgrown flowerbed was GONE. Personally, I think hedges there to separate our property would look so pretty, but I sure as heck don't want to pay for it, so I wasn't going to suggest it ;).

I also mentioned the tree in his yard that has limbs up against my house. They are small branches, but when the wind blows real hard, the noise scares our daughter. I told him about the 50 mph winds we had the other day and how it was making a big racket up there hitting the house. He looked and the branches are (even with no wind) on my house. I didn't want to be a meanie and say "yeah and we had the house painted a little over a year ago..." It was what I was thinking though lol. Not to mention, one of the branches is on my new roof - and it cost a small fortune to roof this place.

He looked at that tree and the tree in the front of his house and said, "Yeah, both of these need to be cut back. We'll get that done." Whew. I'm hoping if they cut back the branches, it might discourage more squirrels from eating another hole in my house and getting in my attic lol. But, at the least, the branches will get cut back so when the wind blows it'll stop scaring daughter, not to mention stop beating on the new paint job lol.

The evening ended with my husband calling. He'd emailed earlier this week saying he'd be calling today instead of on Sunday. Both the babies got to talk to him and we were able to talk for a while. Him being able to call every week is such a blessing and so much better than those first months where we couldn't hear each other's voices at all.

It's when it gets time to hang up, I have to try really hard not to get choked up. I just hate to hang up. For those minutes we're on the phone, it's like he's right up the road instead of so far away.

When we hung up, I decided it was just too soon for another pity party lol. So, I went out to put the stuff back on the porch since it had finished drying and took a lot of photos of the outside of the house to send him. I thought he might like to see what all I've done this spring. I got them emailed out and now I'm sitting here rambling along in my blog lol.

Guess I've bored everyone enough and should go sand some in the dining room, get a shower and try to get some sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a productive day in the dining room - I hope.

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