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Sunday, May 23, 2004

257 - Odd Odd Dream

What is it with these dreams of mine lately? I'm up at 3 in the morning after not being asleep for an hour. No one can dream that fast can they? Don't you need so many hours to get in the sleep that is deep enough to dream? Maybe it is the heat - being out in the sun all day and being so tired. I stayed up too late because of a tornado watch and a storm I was waiting on to pass us over.

On to the dream...

First these three Chinese men are in my dream - no there was something again about being at table and signing something. People I knew from high school were there. THEN the Chinese people lol. One really large Chinese guy is going to kill me and the other two men or something. So, I wake up. I think I wake up anyway.

I'm on the couch. I hear someone come in the house from behind the couch. I hear my husband say, "Oh God, Baby." Not in a bad way, but in a whisper. Like relief almost but it wasn't relief. I can't explain it, but not relief. Sorrow maybe?

Then, he's kneeling down in front of the couch and he's taking off that Army green quilted thing - like they wear under their BDUs in the winter. He is pulling his left arm out of that vest/quilted thing and I'm just opening my eyes and start to put my arms around him. The next thing I hear is him walking through the foyer.

Then I wake up for real this time. And because he's just come in from behind me - no outside door there, I'm trying to figure out where the hell I am. For a split second I'm trying to place myself in our home in AK of all places! We haven't lived there in over two years! I realize I'm in our living room. And this strange dream I just had makes me sit straight up on the couch. And I realize I did hear that floor in the foyer make it's distinct sound - and then I hear my son crying...

So I get up and go into the foyer and my son isn't crying. It's all quiet. I stand there for a minute trying to make sure he isn't crying. I know I heard him crying. Not a sound but the fan upstairs that blows cool air to the other end of the hall...

I tell you, this was the oddest thing. A dream that I wake up from, only to still be dreaming - and that dream to be so odd, almost scary because it was as though HE WAS HERE, and the sound in the foyer I figure I must have dreamed....

I came over to the computer to see if he'd emailed to relieve this out of whack feeling I'm left with from the dream and he hasn't emailed. It was such an odd experience, I thought I better write it down or there was no way I'd remember it in the morning.

Odd - spooky odd. I would have swore on my life that man was in our living room. I heard his whisper so clearly...and in a tone I've never heard him use. Now the air conditioner upstairs just kicked on and I about jumped out of my skin.

Good grief. Three in the morning!! I'll never get anything done in that dining room tomorrow :(.

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