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Thursday, April 29, 2004


Yesterday, although an odd day, with a door opened that shouldn't be and roses arriving, was a good day.

I'm planning another one just like it today (minus the door and roses of course lol).

I got to work early on the dining room. I was able to finish sanding all the molding around the ceiling and all the dried drywall mud I'm using to repair cracks in the plaster. I know they make plaster repair stuff, but I got the drywall mud thing down when we drywalled the ceiling in the alcove of our daughter's room last year. Her room had huge cracks and using drywall tape and mud to repair them has worked wonderfully. After an extremely cold winter and extremely hot summer last year (expansion and contraction you know), knock on wood, but none of those cracks have reappeared. I'm using the same technique in the dining room hoping for similar results!

I put a second coat of mud on most of the cracks. A few small holes didn't need a second coat. There will be two or three spots that will need a third coat after I sand this morning. Two areas are corners. Corners are a little tough to repair. It takes some patience and careful use of the mud knife. So, I figure I'll be working on two corners and one area around the window that faces the neighbor's house. It had a crack near the molding. While using the sander, I guess it touched the wall and the vibration made the plaster crumble a bit there. Yesterday I used a small piece of the drywall tape and covered it with mud. Today I figure it will need another coat to make sure it's fanned out well so you won't be able to tell where the repair was done once it's painted. That's the trick - spending enough time fanning and smoothing to make sure your hand can feel no difference between the plaster and the repair before you paint. Time consuming for sure, but daughter's room was a zig zag of white from the drywall mud and you cannot tell where any repairs were once it had paint on the walls.

So, the plan for today is finishing up plaster repairs. Once the last bit of sanding is done, I'll vacuum all the woodwork and the floors well and then wash everything down. It's cloudy and looks like rain today, so I'll do some dusting and vacuuming in the house too to finish up the day - maybe even a load or two of laundry to get a head start on the weekend chore of laundry ;). Tomorrow, hopefully I'll be ready to stain all the woodwork in there. All the old woodwork should go quickly. The newer woodwork will need the regular stain applied first (to give it the red tint the original cherry has) before I can add the polyshade (a stain and polyurethane mix) to finish it up. I'm debating on whether putting the plain poly gloss over all of the wainscoting and plate rail. I guess I'll wait and see how pleased I am with just the polyshade.

I'm hoping by Sunday the woodwork will be dry enough to tape off where I can prime and paint the walls!! If that's the case, by Monday I should be removing wallpaper in our bedroom! I'm so excited about having our bedroom redone. After eight months, I'm truly ready to get our new bedroom furniture delivered!

So far, I'm sticking to my six hours per day schedule. At the rate I'm going, I just might make my end of May deadline to finish our bedroom before the heat of summer makes it impossible! I'm really looking forward to a few months of downtime before he comes home, no huge projects and our days being spent outside this summer!

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