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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

We Read Because We Value You...

I read Arrogance on Bunker Mulligan this morning and had to go back to read it again after my third cup of coffee.

I'm really sort of surprised by the entry. I wanted to leave some comments there, but for some reason that entry doesn't allow for comments as others do. So, I figured I'd devote an entire entry here to my thoughts on the matter.

He asks, "Why should my perspective mean anything to someone else?"

That's simple.

I read there because I value his opinion. He's former military and has loved ones currently serving. He's a man that I assume to be a bit younger than my own father, but holds the same vein of knowledge and wisdom I wish to gain. When he has a thought on a subject, I want to read it. I want to understand what is happening through the eyes of someone who has more life experience than I. Someone who has military experiences - as I've never served my country regrettably.

There are two blogs written by men that I read daily - and value what is written. This entry on CPT Patti is an excellent example of what I enjoy about each of these blogs. They shed light on things that I would never know if it were not for them. They explain and elaborate - and they know not from just reading, but from actual life experience.

It's information more valuable, in my opinion, than any reporter can offer. It's information more valuable than any book written by someone who hasn't walked in the boots. It's personal wisdom, personal experience wrapped into what is happening today - and it's priceless.

When something is happening in Iraq, I check both sites often...especially when I'm worried. They have a way of explaining things and putting it all into perspective. They ease the worries of this wife who has a tendency to worry often, and for that I can never repay them.

Thank you. And please, keep writing!

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