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Saturday, April 10, 2004

More from the "Religion of Peace"

But of course it's a religion of Peace. They SAY so. Who are we to disagree when their actions cry of barbarianism? Years of blowing themselves up to kill a few infidels at a time, years of slaughtering their own people, but we are suppose to respect their religion? I'm done respecting this religion. Those peaceful within this religion are not doing enough to police their brutal counterparts!

"Up to now your prisoner is being dealt with in the tolerant manner specified by Islamic law. Our one request is to break the siege of the city of the mosques (Falluja) during the 12 hours from six o'clock on Saturday evening," a voice on a tape shown on Qatar-based Al Jazeera said.

Well, I'm sure all of us feel better now that we know they are being handled according to Islamic law. Whew. I'm sure they are only being beaten every hour or losing body parts one by one.

And, I truly hope our leaders stick to the rule that we do not negotiate with terrorists. WE NEVER negotiate with these animals. Today should be no different. If we give in to this scum, we are making a mistake of huge proportions.

"If not, he will be dealt with worse than those who were killed and burned in Falluja," the voice added in the tape, which also showed the man in front of an Iraqi flag.

Here we are back to focusing on that peaceful religion that is known as Islam. Although we've been told it's against their religion to desecrate bodies, we will FORCE them to do so (go against their own religion) if we don't meet their demands.

How about this? We won't meet your demands and we'll up the ante. When we do find you, we will make sure you meet Allah before he's ready to meet YOU. And when you get there, you won't be provided virgins for going against Islam. There. Have fun trying to decide what exactly you will get when you reach your "heaven." Maybe as part of the price, you will have to over and over again be subjected to the treatment you've shown others. For all eternity. However, somehow, that just doesn't seem punishment enough to me. If only hell were bad enough to deserve you scum.

Iraqi Kidnappers Threaten to Kill U.S. Hostage

Nah, not just a tad bitter today.

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